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classic vintage chrome vw thing convertible 1600cc manual transmission burnt ora

Convertible BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1973 Volkswagen Thing Description:

For the right person, this is just The Thing! But puns aside, the 1974 Volkswagen Type 181 (AKA "Thing") is one of those cool factory variations on the Beetle that utilized its bulletproof engineering to the max. As a result, these are both highly useful and a rapidly appreciating classic. So dig into the details on a well-restored example of a distinct rarity.
The Thing is very memorable, but was only officially imported for two years. That's why you don't see too many of them out in the classic car circles. These were originally built purely for function. Those ribs in the straight metal panels provide added strength; the windshield folds down like a Jeep; and all four doors are removable and interchangeable. But this one has also received a nice paint upgrade that has taken the original bright hues and updated it with a mature metallic copper. Plus, by painting the ridges of the body in black, it really gives this one a nice two-tone attitude against the practically new crisp vinyl top. As you really start to look at this one, you really see there was a nice investment in the whole car. It's in everything from the polished wheels to way the panels look so straight. In fact, we have records and photos detailing a ton of work to get this VW looking so shining, straight, and bright.
While we like the way this one looks with the top on, a Thing was always mean to be open to the world. So you'll love to see that the VW gets even more distinctly attractive when you take the roof down. The full two-tone treatment continues inside. Not only do both rows of seats have a fresh custom copper and black presentation, but the front buckets also have the Dr. Seuss character that that fits with this Thing. While it looks sleek and custom inside, you'll also spot basic elements that are easily recognizable from other parts of the VW lineup. The steering wheel, gearshift, and single VDO gauge are quite familiar. So you know your essentials are all part of the rugged VW family.
The real heart of the go-anywhere at anytime feeling comes from the familiar air-cooled 1600cc VW motor. This was part of the restoration, and so you have a rebuilt motor that looks clean in the ultra-tidy engine bay. Even the undercarriage photos reveal how clean this total build is. And since the Thing shares many components with the Beetle, it has a similar reputation for a hardy engine and easy maintenance. This is linked to the sturdy and versatile four-speed manual transmission, which allows you to get the most out of the motor. It feels airy and nimble on the road, but this is truly built to be capable when the pavement ends, too. So while this one looks like it never left the asphalt, if you feel like assaulting a beach dune, the higher ground clearance and engine over the rear driving wheels makes this surprisingly versatile.
This is an exceptionally restored version of a rare and fun VW. It's an easy to own and easy to love appreciating classic...and if you're quick enough, it can be all yours. Call today!!!


Item location:Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States
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Vehicle Title:Clear