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classic vintage chrome thing vw 1600cc 4 speed manual white

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Gasoline FUEL

1974 Volkswagen Thing -- Description:

Looking every bit as straight and true as it did when it first rolled off the assembly line, this 1974 Volkswagen Thing hails from a class of cars originally designed to provide the West German Army with reliable, no-frills transportation. Its manufacturer only brought the model over to U.S. shores very briefly, so the collectability factor is undeniable here, and this VW's unique form and sheer simplicity draws double takes whenever seen while the unusually solid condition of this particular... specimen will make it an outstanding acquisition for any vintage VW fan. Pull up to a gathering behind the wheel of this '74 and you're sure to make an impact. It's got such a distinctive shape and its geometric, no-nonsense appearance and compact wheelbase are pretty much a guarantee it won't be mistaken for anything else on the road - you can also get a sense of its military heritage right off the bat. The white paint draped over its exterior presents well, with a nice shine and a smooth finish and a closer inspection will reveal that, even after more than four decades of service, this car remains well aligned - the gaps surrounding the front deck lid and the quartet of doors look very even on this rarely seen German classic. The Thing's open air configuration was always part of its appeal for civilians and the included convertible frame on this one looks straight and solid - once a vinyl top is installed, it will rise up over an added roll bar that provides a welcome measure of safety. The sheer simplicity of the interior ably represents a task-oriented purpose. You won't find any frills inside these doors, but with the clean steel surfaces mostly exposed, it provides the opportunity to get a good look around and doing so will provide a favorable impression. Both the black front buckets and rear bench seat were recently reupholstered, showing no signs of wear at all as they sit between front and rear doors whose open centers provide some additional interior storage space. Beyond the original factory steering wheel, the dash area is disarmingly simple but functional, featuring two displays behind clear lenses to keep tabs on driving speed and operating temperature, and both the black dash pad above and the grip bar positioned on the passenger side appear to be in good shape. With the rear engine configuration, there's plenty of luggage space below the front deck lid - just imagine the approving nods you'll get cruising to your destination behind the wheel of this one of a kind ride. In addition to its substantial visual novelty, this VW is a very solid driver harboring plenty of clues that its drivetrain in particular has been well cared for over the years. The 1600 cc engine harbored at the rear of the car starts promptly and is running strong, providing plenty of power to propel this lightweight roadster forward with enthusiasm. The accompanying 4-speed manual transmission shifts solidly and the clutch action is surprisingly seamless. An independent rear suspension not only smooths out uneven terrain, but also provides a reminder of this model's original utilitarian purpose. This rolling conversation piece patrols the road on its set of 14" original steel wheels that still wear their VW-branded hubcaps and are wrapped with tires that appear to have plenty of miles left on them. Below, the undercarriage looks solid and straight, showing only the expected patina from its age. It's a model that's very rarely spotted on American roads these days, and the solid running condition and fresh look of this 1974 Volkswagen Thing make it a welcome find. Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Interior color:Black
Engine:1600 CC
Drive type:--
Vehicle Title:Clear