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1961 Mercury Comet S-22


1961 Mercury Comet Description:

Offering my 1961 Mercury Comet 2 door S-22, 144 cu. in. straight 6 for sale. I'm the 3rd owner, I've owned it 21 years. 100% Original paint, chrome, stainless, all in outstanding condition. 100% Original interior in fabulous condition. Original engine, a gas sipper. if you're sick of filling up your Eight, and the cost, this Comet is a joy. The engine scoots the car right along as it's a feather light, early unibody car. Three speed manual transmission on the column. Fun to drive. The S-22 has bucket seats, center console, fancier steering wheel, rear seat, rear speaker, Bullet backup lights (rare). Amber turn signal lenses, grill is in outstanding shape, radiator outstanding. In my 21 years of ownership I've replaced the water pump, starter, thermostat, and rear shocks. I have the original tank and the interior is not rusty, I swapped it out for a larger tank to go even further in between fill ups. Canadian made tank, not Chinese, etc.. The drivers side seat bottom has broken threads that just began about 3 years ago. All lights work, hi-lo, signals, etc.. Gauges work and are accurate with the exception of the gas gauge. The float arm needs to be slightly bent to properly register the larger tank I installed. I never got around to doing it so it reads a quarter lower than it actually is. Wipers need new rubbers. Radio works but is not connected. Electrical is all fine, no rodents in the cars life have ever gotten to them. The engine runs fine, transmission in all gears operates as fine. The original exhaust manifold developed a crack 2 years ago. I attempted to seal it with JB Weld not believing it would work, and it did not. Approximately $125 for a new exhaust manifold. It would've been something I'd have done this Fall. It runs just fine as it is however. Brakes work well but pull to the right more than they should the harder you step on them. They should be adjusted and if it were me, I'd replace the original brake lines just to play it safe. The front bumper has a dent, see photos, below right two headlights. I believe the rims on this S-22 should be red and they are not. Two are black, one white, one blue. I believe the wheel covers are NOT original to an S-22. They are off of not the base model but the intermediately priced model. The car has never seen an overnight outside in my ownership. It's been stored every Winter in my garage or a storage facility, covered (California Car Cover Co. cover included, best you can buy and custom fit to a cat-eye Comet.) Tank topped up with gas and stabilizer added every single Winter. I also leave the battery on a tender every Winter. The car has zero rot, rust through, none. Surface rust only on undercarriage. Very, very little bubbling in paint in lower fenders near doors. It's never gotten worse since I bought the car, never budged. Car looks exactly as it did when I bought it. Tires were put on by 2nd owner who only owned car for a year. The car had around 69,700 mi. on it when I bought it so the tires have less than 7,000 miles on them. NO cracking in the sidewalls. Incredible. It's probably the finest unrestored/original 1961 cat-eyed S-22 on the planet and I'm not in the habit of making such claims. I've never owned a classic car or cycle in this car's league w/ regard to condition. It's time for someone new to enjoy it. Please don't be afraid to ask any questions. The car is sold as is, just as you see it. The only thing I must keep are the license plates, all else you see goes with the car including the cover (not pictured). You'll have to arrange pick up or delivery. I'll help in any way I can. Drive it home if you like, I did 21 years ago. 230 miles from Central Pennsylvania to Western, NY.
Thanks for looking.
Please see my feedback. I've sold a couple cars and motorcycles over the years and all buyers were very pleased.
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Item location:Penfield, New York, United States
Vehicle Title:Clean