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LOADED 1986 Grand Marquis LS with only 45,329 ORIGINAL MILES!! DRIVE ANYWHERE!!

45,329 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Description:

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Hello and thanks for looking at this very nice 1986 Grand Marquis LS. I am re-listing this because someone made an offer which I accepted and then I never heard back from them...anyways...I have a habit of buying cars that need a little TLC, fixing them so they are good as can be, getting bored and then selling them to find another project. I don't hunt, fish, bowl or golf, I just find 80's Land Yachts that remind me of my formative years and spend a little time with hem, sink waaaay too much money into them along the way (according to my wife!) and usually sell them at break-even or occasionally at a loss; I suppose golf and boats can be a pretty expensive hobby too, but I DO get enjoyment out of it so I suppose it isn't REALLY a loss. When I saw this for sale, I think the turbine rims, the "formal" LS enclosed roof and the couch-like velour made me HAVE to have it. As it turns out, this was a pretty heavily loaded LS and seems to have pretty much all the goodies I would want except for Autolamp, which given the condition and other options it did have, I could brush aside and live without. Oh, it also could have had the upgraded digital stereo cassette, but this analog radio sounds good, all the speakers work and it DOES have a factory Premium Sound Amp in the trunk that works perfectly too. It does NOT smoke or leak a DROP of oil or transmission fluid-NO fluid leaks AT all. Althoughit is a head-turner (if these are your thing), this car is NOT a trailer queen; it is a car that has been driven in it's life (though very sparingly) and it DOES have little flaws here and there but YOU would probably be the only one who notices them, as it presents VERY well and can be driven right to your front door from pickup here in San Antonio; NO rust, NO vibrations or wandering steering wheel, COLD, COLD properly converted 134 HVAC system and HOT heat. Just set cruise and enjoy the trip!!
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN BELOW THIS DESCRIPTION, AS I HAVE UPLOADED MANY, MANY PHOTOS AS WELL AS A VIDEOHere is a running list of some of the things I have replaced(NECESSARY OR NOT!); the major things I can provide receipts for.
RF Caliper Replaced
RF Brake Brake Hose Replaced
Tranny Filter, Flush
Coolant Flush
Oil Change$304.10
Upper Radiator Hose
Lower Radiaor Hose
Shocks, Front & Rear$141.19
New OEM Refinished Rims$460.00
Owners Manual, Brochure$36.00
Two Ses of OEM Keys$8.00
Hood Pad$76.00
Dash Cover$42.00
Touch Up Paint$15.00
Bulbs, All Signals$40.00
Crankcase Breather$8.00
NOS RH Front Signal Lens$45.00
Reusable Air Filter$15.00
NOS EGR$85.00
NOS EGR Position Sensor$23.00
IAC Valve DELPHI$46.00
Thermostat Stant$6.00
Motorcraft Plugs Platinum$19.95
Wires Set BOSCH$17.99
Tires FIRESTONE$625.94
NOS Temp Sending Unit$32.00
New Low Beam Lamps$21.35
Coolant Temp Sensor$8.25
MOTORCRAFT Thermostat Gasket$7.99
STANT Radiator Cap$6.89
Motorcraft Door Strikers (2)$46.89
Intake Plenum Gasket & Hoses Replaced
Ford Repair Manuals$10.00
Hood clips$8.95
Spare Center Cap$14.95
Motorcraft Throttle Position Sensor$24.99
Sirianni Automotive (Kickdown Cable Replaced)$115.23
Sirianni (Hoses, Intake, Plenum, Valve Covers)$847.16
This Grand Marquis has been a pleasure to own, so much so that I have had it for over a year now but now it's time to move on to the next project. When I got this car, I replaced the usual things that just go bad over time-plugs, wires, hoses, belts, shocks, etc., but this had a surging idle I could not pin down. To make a long story short, after replacing the EGR valve, Idle Air Control, MAF and other usual suspects, I ended up bowing my head and taking it to shop that eventually found out he leak was in the entire upper intake gasket-NOT the easy intake hose under the plenum, but the actual TOP of the engine...there went about 850 dollars, but I can happily report she idles, accelerates and starts like a dream. Of course, everything on the top of the engine was replaced so you will NOT be dealing with any pesky vacuum leaks or other issues that plague these older 302 engines for many years to come. I have taken a couple very long road rips and this car is READY to get in and drive.NEW Firestone whitewall tires (to include the spare!), new brakes and front calipers, COMPLETE tune-up, tranny serviced (PROPERLY!). The air blows cold and even he "AutoTemp" works properly!! I even bought a spare turbine rim and a new spare tire-FAR too many parts to list so PLEASE make sure you read the list above and look at the photos below-I used Motorcraft whenever possible and only QUALITY, NAME-BRAND aftermarket parts if not. What doesn't work you may ask? Both rear windows do not go down-both motors work and you can hear them, but the windows are stationary-I think it from lack of use through the years. ALSO, the fuel gauge also works intermittently, more often it doesn't work but I never run it low on fuel and after some time on a drive, it will occasionally register properly-could just be aloose connector at best or abad sending unit at worst. hose are the only issues I am aware of and I am pretty keen on knowing my cars. Naturally, it wouldn't be much fun to buy he car and do NOTHING to i, right? these are pretty easy fixes and it will give the next owner something to do to bond with the car :). PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS!PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN BELOW THIS DESCRIPTION, AS I HAVE UPLOADED MANY, MANY PHOTOS AS WELL AS THIS VIDEO:

1986 Grand Marquis - YouTube

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Item location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
Model:Grand Marquis
Interior color:Gray
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear