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1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Custom Chop Top Rat Rod w/ DUB Rims Wheels WOW!

Gasoline FUEL


1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

Chopped top/no top. Murdered out rat rod style.
Big block 460 V8! Loud pipes! The engine purrs like a kitten, super smooth. Has new Edelbrock carb, coil, plugs, wires, electric fans, electric fuel pump, condenser, points, alternator and battery.
The exterior is cool looking, but NOT like a show car. Flat black paint, not plastidip. Paint job is pretty good, not great. Black everything. A couple chips and scratches, couple tiny dings maybe, nothing major. No rust. There is only one tiny area of bondo on the car, and that is by the trunk. There is no top. Again, NO TOP!! It was chopped, and the cuts are covered with simple plastic door edge trim. The rear parcel shelf area is covered with black carpet. The front brake calipers are sprayed red, but they are just the stock calipers. The windshield is cracked. The headlights work properly. All front lights work I believe. It has a few burned out bulbs in the back.
The tires and 20" DUB rims have about 600 or so miles on them.
It has airbag suspension in the rear. Raise it or lower it... its about half full now.
A normal 73 Continental has a ton of chrome trim and long body stripes... they have all been removed from this car and the holes were welded before paint.
The hood hinge springs are included, but not attached... making the hood kind of difficult to get closed and latched... there's a trick to it, or you could reinstall the hinge springs.
The interior is pretty much all original, and some things work and some don't... like the driver side power window... and the 8 track radio (it had worked fine, but now doesn't power on)... and the gas gauge... and the aftermarket gauges... and some more stuff... could be just bad fuses, but I don't know for sure. Seats are not great, carpet is not great, door panels are not great... everything is there though. Its a little dirty. Its super old.
This is a fun toy or a town cruiser... I have never treated it like a daily driver. It is crazy loud and looks really gangster... it turns heads every time I take it for a drive. I haven't taken it on the highway, and it seems like it would benefit from at least an alignment and a suspension check prior to doing so. The engine runs good, and there are no known issues, but I wouldn't recommend driving it home. Myself, I've never driven it more than 15 miles or so at a time, and only at in town speeds.
This was a top of the line Continental in its day. Not only is it a Mark IV, but it is the Cartier version. Meaning it has the dove gray leather interior and rare Cartier clock in the dash, which is perma stuck at 4:20.
This is a fun car to own and drive. Honestly, I wouldn't want to use it as a daily driver... it is a BEAST! With a few minutes and a few dollars, it could be a great daily driver though. It has never broken down or left me stranded anywhere. Never had to be towed or pushed. I am not making any guarantees about its reliability, drivability, value or anything. I consider it a toy with a title. I am selling you a cool toy, not a reliable safe daily driver vehicle. Sold as-is.
Includes 2 ignition keys, 2 door/trunk keys, American flag and a ZZ Top 8 track cassette tape. It has a full tank of premium gasoline. Colorado title. No emissions required, and eligible for collector license plates... at least in Colorado.
Please feel free to ask questions. You are welcome to come check it out. I am available anytime with a little notice. We live in Greeley, CO.
Thank you for looking.


Item location:Greeley, Colorado, United States
Trim:Mark IV
Interior color:Gray
Engine:460 V8
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear