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1978 Ford F150 2 owner, 46K mi

Standard Cab Pickup BODY TYPE
400ci V8 ENGINE

1978 Ford F-150 Description:

I purchased this from the original owner in 2003 with 41K miles on it.Since that time, it has been kept in a climate controlled space in Southern California with no sunlight.That partly explains the exquisite condition.This truck is like a time machine.It has been perfectly maintained and respected by 2 caring owners.You could drive it daily as it is today, or you could store it away for another 40 years of appreciation.

The pictures pretty much describe it.The engine is amazing.Starts and idles perfectly in any weather, with zero valvetrain noise. I did not pressure wash the engine or underneath so you can see the actual condition.It does not leak oil, and while the transmission and transfer case are wet in areas, there are no drops.I left it in this condition so you can judge it.It would have been easy to pressure wash the oil away and spray the bottom of the truck with black paint like is done on most of the online sites, but this truck is all about its authenticity.I can take and send as many pictures as you want. The bed is original and not hidden under a rubber mat, or bedliner.The interior is all original and not covered in Armor All or any other goop. The gauges and gauge plastics are flawless.The headliner and visors are white in perfect condition and that bench seat is the original. I just removed the industrial seat cover that the original owner had professionally applied with hog rings! While the seat has a bit of surface cracking on the side surface on the driver’s side, it’s easy to see that the seat was covered when it was new.The “Sport Leather” steering wheel was an option and probably pretty rare because I have never seen another one.

The original owner put on a 2.5” lift, upgraded the ignition coil, had it undercoated, and wrapped the seat immediately.The bed shows that it was not really used as a truck.When I purchased it, I had a great mechanic make it reliable to drive every day.He changed, belts, hoses, radiator, gas tank, valve cover gaskets, fuel pump, filters, spark plug wires, shocks and redid the brakes.

The numbers all match for the front differential, rear differential, transmission, transfer case frame and engine and VIN.The tags and id numbers in the pictures were covered in undercoating which I carefully cleaned away so as to not scratch or damage the tag or surface itself. It has dual exhaust (mufflers) that exit invisibly in front of the axle and it sounds like an amazing 400 cubic inch V8 and not nasty glass packs.

Factory paint code is Candyapple Red/Silver Metallic 2 tone. Some of the paint is original but the sides, hood, and tailgate were repainted before I bought it due to fading which was common on these trucks - especially red.Careful inspection shows original body panels with no repair, rust, or accident damage.As you read over and over in other ads, these trucks are getting rare.But this one is really special. It has not been messed with.No amount of money can undo upgrades, accidents, reworks, or modifications. Driving this truck is pretty awesome.People wave, stare, give thumbs ups and walk over to talk about it. Strangely I think it makes the world a happier place. In 17 years, I only drove this truck 5K miles.My life became extremely busy, so it was parked.


Item location:Burbank, California, United States
Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Engine:400ci V8
Drive type:4WD
Vehicle Title:Clean