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Well Optioned/NM 318ci V8/NM A904 Auto/Corinthian Leather/Smooth Driver

Gasoline FUEL

1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Sedan Description:

The Fifth Avenue NY namesake here at Classic Auto Mall all in its 74,256 original mile form, presenting not unlike the famous street, with Corinthian leather, opera lighting, and tufted and pillowed seats. Plenty of power and convenience options for this M-body car in nicely preserved condition, and you will be stylin' in mid '80's fashion. Dressed up like a million dollar trooper, trying hard to look like Gary Cooper...super duper!
Royal Cabernet Metallic showing some dents and dings, as well as scratched and the passage of time with some minor clouding of the clear coat, still rust free steel shows as the beneficiary of being garaged all its life. Square and rectangle design abound and rightfully so as we are smack dab in the late 1980's and this was all the rage. A chrome enshrouded egg crate grille is flanked by dual rectangle head lighting on either side with a signal bar above, all embedded in a chromed bezel. On the back portion of the front quarters, we see some chrome edged "venting" and nicely shaped chromed wheel well surrounds which come together below the doors in a shiny rocker trimming. The rear C pillar is covered in burgundy vinyl and has the chrysler Pentastar and gold wheat badging just in case you forget! A squared off trunk lid and rear deck, along with a full width wrap around tail light bar and another shiny bumper below is just the trick to show off this car as putting on the ritz. Even down to the "crystal" Pentastar hood topper, and knitted wire wheels all chromed and nice, this is all original...throw me my walking stick please.
Allowing the chauffeur to open the door, we see plenty of red padded and buttoned stitched vinyl with crotch and burl wood appliqué framing lots of power buttons. Thick pile carpet is on the lower doors and is shag-alicious. Turning our attention to the passenger compartment, I'm ready to light my cigar in my study and sit down and thoroughly enjoy it in my tufted and buttoned Rich Corinthian leather red oversized power buckets, (Yes Tattoo). A pillowy red center armrest allows me to show some swagger and do the "gangsta" lean. I could slide into the rear bench with more tufting and buttons, and let the butler drive, but I want to experience the sheer exhilaration of this wonderful preserved example. The dash is all original with more walnut crotch appliqué, and offers up a dizzying array of gauges, warning lights, and knobs and buttons. A digital radio and climate controls are also within my reach. Pristine red carpet and a nice headliner with a consolette are above and below. I'll finish my cigar, and we shall move to the drivetrain...why don't we go where fashion sits?
Now for all the ritz, all spit shined and nice, no corrosion, supple rubber hoses under the hood. This car specs as the numbers matching 318ci V8, has a 2-barrel carburetor to spoon feed it and the numbers matching A904 3-speed automatic transmission is on back. The 8-1/4-inch rear axle with 2.24 gearing is on the way back.
A bit of surface rust on the usual suspects however structurally sound with nice floor pans and some undercoating protecting everything. All original equipment under here down to the power front disc brakes and power rear drums. Independent coil sprung suspension is on front and in the back we note a traditional leaf spring arrangement. Stock style single exhaust helps evacuate spent fossils with ease and keeps the roar of the 318 whisper quiet.
This car started immediately, and ran like a champ, with smooth acceleration a-plenty, and nice cornering. With all functions operational save for the power antenna, cassette player and a slow driver's window that occasionally goes out of track I would never know we were in another gas crisis, nor would I care because I'm rolling in a tasty skate, my Fifth Avenue. (Let them eat cake)
Fantastically preserved, low mileage for the age, Rich Corinthian leather, a timepiece from when Lee Iacocca was in his heyday. All straight steel, a few mars in the paint, but shiny and nice. A very clean car...turn the key, and you will be puttin' on the ritz.
3-Passenger Car
X-Manual Belts, Driver's Airbag
M-Fifth Avenue
6-Special Price Class
6-4 Door Sedan
P-318ci V8 2bbl 150hp
X-Check Digit
W-Kenosha, WI Assy Plant
302703-Sequential Unit Number


Model:Fifth Avenue
Color:Royal Cabernet Metallic
Interior color:Red
Engine:318 V8
Drive type:4dr Sedan
Vehicle Title:Clean