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1966 Buick Riviera California Style Custom No reserve

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1966 Buick Riviera Description:

For Sale is a 1966 Buick Riviera California Custom lowered shaved and just right. I have Owened this car for 17 years or so. It was purchased for a Avid car enthusiast in Riverside California if my memory serves me right. It is all stock but got the suspension and the supreme wheels and vogue like tires. The car drives nice and gear do all change. This car needs som TLC(tender oving Care) And time. A lot of small bits need attention and she is perfect.
Bad points.
The car was Left outside in my storage yard therefor there are some small bubbles under the rook custom pain the size of a cup. It has not gone though so that's an avantage. The sides of the car have small scratches form yar yard terial bieg drags in Between the cars. And some migh Need a repaint on the side if you are pickie.The windows all work fine but driver windown which refuses to come up on goes down. I know the switch is defective.The front bench seat has a tear in the Seem not so visible but could be e repaired easily.The are no wipers as it is a true Californian car and there is no wiper blade. The motor is there and not sure if it works. Let say it does to be safe.The radiator was replaced with an after market radiator but it seem a little too high. Will need adjusting. A list relays will need to be fitted so the elctric fan can engage as soon as the engine gets hot.Need a new ignition switch. As it sometimes messes around.
Good points
The the car is solid. No chassis or floor rsut. Solid metal for California dry state.A new exhaust system was fitted and sound amazing.Car drives good. Gears all change fineThe cars is uniqques and sustle to the eye.
My contact is listed in the advert. Please call me to arrange viewing but come prepared to see a restoration car. Best bring a bodyguy if you are not so familiar with restorations of old classic cars.
Contact me or me +13214995086. I prefer texts and whatsapps if possible.
Many thanks. Elo


Item location:Miami, Florida, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear