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1978 BMW 635CSi

Gasoline FUEL

1978 BMW 6-Series 635CSi Description:

This BMW 635CSI was the precursor of the later "M" cars. It is designated as an M40, which was for the early European models, but the "M" insignia 635 cars did not come out until the mid 80s. Therefore the M insignias on this car did not come from the factory, but were attached as accouterments, including the upgraded M steering wheel and later model BMW alloy wheels. The car has a new battery, fuel pump, radiator, AC condenser, original owner manual, and new tires. The car was titled as a 1979 in the US after a military service member had it shipped to the US from Europe in 1979. This car was the 1,114th 635CSI built in the first year of production in 1978. Only 1,193 cars were built in that first year and they were all sold in Europe. They have more horsepower (much faster) and longer lasting engines than the later US versions due to the lack of emission equipment, which did not work well with these cars. This car has just over 82,360 Kilometers or just over 51,176 original documented miles! The car is occasionally being driven so the mileage may change slightly prior to the sale. This car is a very special car in that besides being a very early European car, it came with the headlight wiper/wash system, dog leg 5 speed transmission, factory air conditioning, and rear hydraulic suspension. I would challenge anyone to find a 1978-79 635CSI with all four of those factory options! I have however placed conventional Bilstein shocks in place of the hydraulics, because I could not get it to quit leaking fluid, which is a common problem with the early hydraulic systems as they get old. I do still have the system with the car for anyone wanting to tackle getting it working with no leaks. The AC needs the R12 to R134 conversion, which is an easy fix. The original upholstery and carpet is in keeping with a car that was stored in a garage for over 30 years. The original interior and still supple leather are in near perfect condition, with no cracks in the dash. The car has one repaint, which was due to some minor damage incurred prior to it being placed in storage. If you look up the 1978 635CSI in the Hagerty price guide, the average retail is currently at $25,600 #3 car and a high value of $64,700 for a #1 car. I believe this is a solid #3 car. The 78-79 Euro cars are a completely different beast than the us models and much better in terms of performance and looks. The current price is a give away. This is a very rare car and should be a good investment or a very fun driver! Interested parties are encouraged to inspect the car and/or email with any questions. It is in very good driving condition, but still has some flaws due to age and being driven. There are a few flaws in the paint and some minor damage to some chrome trim.


Item location:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
SubModel:2dr 635CSi Coupe
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean