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cj3b 1954 jeep willys in excellent condition

100000 MILEAGE

1954 Willys 3B Description:

This is a 1954 Willys CJ3b in outstanding condition. It has minimal rust (picture 2) and is in great running condition. This Jeep has been to the top of Pikes Peak!!. My best friend, who I bought it from was a Ranger on Pikes Peak and drove it to the top. I have painted this gem to reflect the WW2 version of the British SAS Long Range Desert Group. Check out their history on Youtube! I moved the spare tire from the side to the back to make it look more military. While Jeep "purists" might object, I like the look a lot better. I also placed WW2 grab handles on the body just because it looks cool.The engine is original F head 134 and runs great. It also has brand new tires and I have installed seatbelts for safety. I have changed all fluids: engine, tranny, transfer case, differentials and radiator. Old Jeep trannys and transfer cases require special lubricants due to brass parts in them that can be attacked by detergents in modern oils. Anyway guys and gals, I love this old girl and have done a lot of work on her. I have taken this Jeep about as far as I want to go with her and am now looking for a WW2 Willys MB at a decent price (yeah, right) to get started on. As you may notice, I have replaced the air cleaner on the engine, but I still have the original if you want to put it back on. It also comes with a complete NEW wiring harness that I have been too lazy to install. Also, turn signals work, but taillights and brake lights are not hooked up.That is for YOU to do!! Also has a working factory installed heater that I disconnected to make the engine easier to work on. Plus, with no top, the heater is really not effective. I also have frames for the doors and bows for a canvas top if you feel so inclined to install one. I will also throw in a set of jacks that I no longer need if I sell this old sweetheart. Please email me with any questions you may have that I have not covered. I will probably update this listing from time to time as I think of things I may have left out. Strike while the iron is hot folks, the Jeeps are getting harder and harder to find in this great condition.


Item location:Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Vehicle Title:Clean