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Solid Example/265ci Chevrolet 4bbl V8/Factory T90 Trans/Dana 18 5.38 Gears

Gasoline FUEL

1953 Willys CJ3A Description:

1953 Willys CJ3A
World War II saw the creation of one of America's most beloved vehicles, the Jeep. Now primarily produced for consumer use, the Jeep was once a military workhorse designed to move troops, help the wounded and more. The story of the Jeep begins in the late 1930s, when the United States military was searching for a vehicle that was light, rugged and could travel over rough terrain. By the early 1940s, the Jeep's design was complete, and the rest is history.
For consignment a John Willys-Overland company produced Jeep, Model CJ-3A. A complete project ready for your capable and talented hands to finish off to you own liking. A small Chevrolet V8, knobby tires, and a fold up front hitch assembly, this Willys is almost ready to go anywhere your heart desires, and do it with ease. Case in point, when I visited Elephant Hill, a very famous 4-wheel enthusiast must climb in the wilds of Utah, what kind of truck came to the rescue to pull out many a newer, and more advanced 4 wheel drive that got stuck? Yup, it was a Willys!
Featuring a higher off the ground than you'd imagine it to be chassis, this all steel truck is painted with a simple custom camouflage motif. Utilitarian and simple are the buzzwords here, with a rag top in black vinyl there are plenty of zip ups that can be taken up or down, and doors that can be removed and easily installed depending on how hot the day gets, or if it rains. Speaking of which, it is equipped with electric wiper motors on both sides of the flat paned windshield. Simple strong drilled aluminum wheels have been equipped with more modern Warn hubs, which is the standard for manual hubbed 4WD. Knobby 32x11.50R15 BF Goodrich tires all around will get you through nearly anything the trail can throw at you. If you really want to get gnarly, take the top off, flip down the windshield and go for it, but don't forget your goggles.
Again, simplicity reigns here, especially with the simple vinyl which actually cushions your ride, while on a smooth surface is surprisingly...Still bumpy! These seats are a front two buckets in black vinyl, both exhibiting some wear and color loss, and with no rear seat there's plenty of room for your gear. A simple metal dash houses essential gauges and several knobs and toggles and thankfully a driver's side ignition switch. A rally style 3 spoke steering wheel fronts the dash and we note that the horn button has been relocated to the dash. Naked green steel floors make up the flooring and a custom brake pedal topper has been added.
A welcome surprise upon lifting the hood is seen. Long gone is the L-headed 4 cylinder and in its place is an orange painted 265ci Chevrolet V8. A 4bbl carburetor is on top under the chrome air cleaner and ribbed aluminum valve covers are on for the dress up. This is attached to a 3-speed manual transmission with overdrive. This is a T-90 transmission, which is also equipped with the Dana 18 transfer case, and a Dana 25 front axle, and a Dana 41 rear axle on the 4-wheeling side both with factory 5.38 I said go through anything. Just remember it's not a race, it's about getting there.
Strong and beautifully designed, some surface rust, some patina, and a little black paint make up this all steel undercarriage. Leaf springs and drum brakes are noted all around and a single exhaust system with a Cherrybomb muffler is seen.
With reports of a bad right front brake line/hose from our consignor and less that palatable fuel in the see-through bowl under the hood we chose not to start and drive this trail rated rig, but the engine does turn over by hand. Our consignor states what even with the 5.38 gears this rig cruises at 70mph with ease thanks to the overdrive on the transmission.
A very interesting ride, and intermix with old school heavy duty 4WD technology, this does not disappoint. A very basic and utilitarian interior, a buckboard ride, but high enough off the ground to make it just plain fun to drive. And imagine the heads that will turn on the trail when you pull out a head job that got stuck in his Rover!


Interior color:Black
Engine:265 V8
Vehicle Title:--