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classic vintage pre war wooden spoke wheels chrome red black paint

Gasoline FUEL

1928 Willys Whippet Description:

Bet you wish you'll be looking this good when you pass 90-years-old. This 1928 Willys Whippet gives you the opportunity to have a car that will be one of the oldest classics you can drive to the show...and look fantastic doing it!
This car was built before The Great Depression and even debuted the same year as Mickey Mouse. But you already knew it had history. Why you really love it is because this glossy two-door sedan has a distinctive look that will get you noticed, even when you're among other 1920s machines like the Model A. The glossy black with a big red streak sandwiched in-between look like it went on with care. Not only do the real-wood 12-spoke wheels stand out against the paint, but also so do the full running boards. There are more great details, like the full vinyl roof, step plates, full-size spare tire on the rear, and bright chrome double-bumpers. So the total look of this car proves that it has been treated with care as it approaches the century mark.
Inside the gray corduroy cloth is exactly how you'd feel these came from the factory. So it's great to see it nicely presented on the seats and door panels. The tall greenhouse, tilt-out windshield, and light wood on the steering wheel makes this a pleasant place to be. Driving is easy going with a conventional setup that includes a floor-mounted three-speed, and we know you love the look of the pearl shift knob. Plus, this had the best in readouts of the day where you have a cool barrel-style speedometer as well as readouts for oil pressure and power.
The four-cylinder motor of the Whippet represented one of the best engines of the time. It was both sturdy and lively, and it can even track its lineage all the way into the WWII Jeeps. So it's great to have this significant powerplant still looking so authentic today - right down to the fabric-coated wires and the magneto. Getting this Willys on the road feels like an industrial symphony of simplicity. The exhaust has a rhythmic chug that is like being in charge of a mini locomotive as the tempo increases with the acceleration. And you're really part of all the action, right down to shifting the gears.
This is a true piece of history that makes you the most interesting person everywhere you go just by arriving. Call now!


Item location:Concord, North Carolina, United States
Interior color:Tan
Engine:134 CI
Vehicle Title:Clear