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1966 Volvo P1800 Excellent Condition P1800S

B20 custom ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1966 Volvo 1800 Description:

Custom 1966 Volvo P1800s

At 50 years old, this car has been built to last another 50.I’m only selling it due to my permanent relocation overseas. Currently registered in California, insured and with a clean title.

A few quick highlights:

Custom engine built by Phil Singer, the top vintage Volvo engine builder:B20 engine 0.040” overbore and head flow ported.Ross Racing pistons and a Volvo “D” camshaft.

All new upholstery by Santiago Gil, one of the best in Los Angeles.

New custom paint and body work, from bare metal.

Custom wheel fitment by Jewel Tire.

Garage stored always.

All machine work done by Vellios Machine Shop – true experts.

This car has been completely rebuilt.Here is a partial list of the many things that have been done:

Carburetorsrebuilt and tuned by California Carburetor

Progressive Springs from V-Performance

All suspension bushings replaced with polyurethane and rubber

All new tie rods and ball joints

New KYB shocks front and rear

Custom idler arm bush designed and made by Vellios Machine Shop

New motor and transmission mounts

Sachsclutchkit balanced to flywheel

Aligned by Lee’s Automotive

Crossmember reinforced at shock mounts, stripped and powder coated

Rebuilt starter motor and alternator at Rotex

Radiator tested and repaired by Crandal Radiator;new radiator cap

New PIAA dual-tone horn

All new upholstery: seats to original design, floor and trunk matts, door panels

Interior completely covered with Dynamat to deaden sound before re-upholstery

Interior rattles silenced by Santy Upholstery

All instruments repaired/rebuilt

Brake system rebuilt.New front brake calipers, front rotors, new pads front and back, new flex lines and rear brake cables, rear brake drums, rear cylinders, rear limit straps.

New master cylinder and Powertune/Lockheed brake booster

Rear brake proportioning valve rebuilt, new seals

New drive shaft U-joints

New gaskets throughout

Engine bay cleaned, rust removed and repainted

All rubber seals replaced: windows, doors, hood, trunk and bumper, foot pedals, shifter, firewall, etc.

New, modern tires – Michelin Premier A/S 195/65R15

Custom wheel fitment – Katana TM1 by Jewel Tire

Trim and bumpers powder coated gloss black by Verne’s Chrome

New side window channel felt and scrapers

New front windshield

Extra set of keys made.Keylocks matched.

New exhaust pipe and mufflers, new rubber hangers

Gas tank cleaned and lined by Gardena A/C & Radiator Service

Exhaust header Ceramic coated for reduced heat in engine bay

Steering wheel leather wrapped by Amadeus Upholstery

New steering coupler

Windows tinted to 35%

New satin car cover

This car is in excellent functional condition and can be driven without hesitation. Being a classic car, there always a few things that could use some attention. Here are the things that I see as issues with the car:

There is no audio system currently in the car. The car previously had a vintage radio installed, and there is room for a new installation.

One corner of the passenger door and one corner of the trunk are a slightly out of line with the body. It should be a small job for a body shop to align them more closely.

The hood should be heat shielded at some point, to protect the paint. Similarly, the cabin roof could be insulated to keep the interior more comfortable.

Front orange turn lights have slight mismatch.

The window sprayers work, but not particularly well. I don’t use them because I don’t want water sitting on the car, nor do I let the car get that dirty. The cap on the wash reservoir doesn’t match the bottle. I wouldn’t bother with either of these.

There are three chips in the clear coat less than 1.5mm. There is one scratch, about 1” long below driver door that goes into the color coat.

The rear differential oil probably hasn’t been flushed in a while, and so I would suggest doing that at some point.

The seat belts are probably original, and would consider replacing them at some point.

Further notes on the car:

The wheels I put on the car are wider than the original, so the front wheels rub on the sway bar when doing a three point turn, at speeds less than 5mph. They don’t rub during normal driving, and the rubbing hasn’t damaged the paint nor wheel.

This car has poor rain runoff management, in that it can collect water in a couple spots and thus eventually could rust. I would not store this car where it can get wet.

The dash cover and door bolsters are plastic, not fabric.

This car has no AC system. You could have one custom installed, and there is some room in the engine bay for a compressor, but something else would probably have to be moved, making it an expensive job. I just keep the windows down.

I have a collection of spare parts and manuals (printed and electronic) that I will include with the sale.

This car has been completely disassembled, repaired and rebuilt with the utmost care.The above list does not include the many, many little parts that had to be replaced or repaired along the way.I hope you will appreciate it as much as I have.


Item location:Redondo Beach, California, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:B20 custom
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean