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VOLVO Station Wagon "barn baby" and parts car

9,999,999 MILEAGE
Station Wagon BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1964 Volvo 122S 122S Wagon Description:

Volvo 1964 Station Wagon. This is a "barn baby". This car had been in a barn (really) for about 7 years. The previous owners ( a couple) plan was to put in another type of engine - who knows what. The engine and transmission are gone. The passenger fender liner and some of the firewall has been removed. The front crossmember has a well done notch, probably for the pan on the engine Then they "split the sheets" and the ex left her with the project and a title in her name. I heard about it and raced over with $$$ and my trailer. I brought the beauty to my place. I did an inventory to see what parts I would need. The back was full of a lot of parts, but not all that were needed.
I then decided to buy a parts car. I needed front seats, instruments, brake stuff, engine, transmission, fender liner, cross member. The parts car had all of these parts and more including aVirginia title. I took the carburetors off another Volvo, did a little fixing and the engine started and sounded great.
Then other projects got in the way. Now your turn to score!
The wagon has very little rust. The rockers will need to be patched or replaced. Very straight, all the glass, doors are great. Nobody has danced on the roof or hood. I don't think the roof rack is original, but stays with car.
The 1962 four door has rust in the floors, rockers, trunk, spare tire well, rear quarters. Glass is good.
Both cars will not run and have no brakes, The tires hold air long enough to move.There is only one engine and transmssion.


Item location:Clemmons, North Carolina, United States
Type:Station Wagon
Trim:122S Wagon
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear