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1972 Volkswagen Type 82 Description:

1972 Volkswagen Type 82

Germany's Kubelwagen was based on the famous Volkswagen Beetle automobile and designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Like the Beetle, the Kubelwagen has an air-cooled engine mounted behind the passenger compartment. The engine had no radiator, making it less susceptible to gunfire or shrapnel damage. Over 50,000 of the light military vehicle type were built during World War II. Kubelwagens were employed by German forces all over Europe, Russia, and North Africa. The basic and tough machines were built with a simple, geometric form for ease of construction. The cars also had a flat underbody, allowing it to "sled" over mud, snow, and sand rather than bogging down and vehicle's air-cooled engine performed well in both hot and cold weather extremes.

A Kubelwagen military vehicle complete with extra fuel tank, entrenching tool, stop sign, rifle holders and spotlight. Basically, everything you need to go on a night or day reconnaissance mission. Be it through rain, snow, mud or dark of night mission complete with this smooth running air cooled engine, so even you encounter some enemy fire, you can carry on because no radiator to absorb shrapnel and have a breakdown due to an overheating issue...Achtung!

Bathed completely in Olive Drab, this Ferdinand Porsche designed vehicle is all squared off and simplified to travel through hill and dale or over the back roads. Simple rounded fenders frame the vehicle on all 4 corners. Several necessary add ons are bolted open such as an entrenching tool on the driver's side, a spotlight on the passenger's side, a spare gas can, spare tire and a convertible top, held on with authentic leather straps. A few holes in the top at the meeting point of the windshield, but overall the vehicle is in good condition. Angriff!

Utilitarianism abounds in this simple but effective interior with the front buckets which are basically upholstered pads mounted to metal frames which are bolted to the floor. A rear bench of the same setup needs to be climbed into with a swing of the rear doors. Due to a middle bar mounted rifle rack, keeping the Fallschirmjgergewehr 42's secure until you get to your encampment access is limited to the doors. All painted in Afrika Corps Tan, the interior has a wood slatted floor that is mounted slightly above a metal pan also tan that will catch the mud and dirt keeping it off the floor. A simple dash with the familiar round VW bug speedometer, gas gauge and turn arrows and dual fuse boxes, and that's about it. Encamped and awaiting the Luftwaffe cover to begin.

An 1131cc 4-cylinder air cooled engine is in back and pumps out 25 horses. 1-barrel is the carburetor setup, and a 4-speed manual transmission is moving the vehicle up to speed. Engine is clean, well maintained, and has no corrosion in it. Blitzkrieg!!!!Schnell...Schnell..

Nearly completely sealed with panels the undercarriage shows a lot of mud and dirt but is in rust free condition. These steel panels cover the engine bay underneath and allow the vehicle to slide through mud and snow. 4-wheel independent coil spring suspension and drum brakes complete the undercarriage.

This vehicle was a hoot to drive, and it did so very well. An amazingly smooth ride, fantastic easy shifter, and reasonably quiet due to all the under coverings. And despite the simple seating it was fairly comfortable. It handled out Classic Auto Mall test track swimmingly (not literally but just fab!).

You would be absolutely the only one in the neighborhood with this Type 82 military vehicle, 2-wheel rear drive but able to go almost anywhere the 4 wheelers do. And you can take 3 of your closest allies, and all your firepower to remote locations and basically do whatever you want. A real novelty, in great condition that runs smoothly and looks the part.

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Item location:Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States
Model:Type 82
Interior color:Other
Vehicle Title:Clear