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1990 Vanagon GL Westfalia 2WD Automatic

175000 MILEAGE
Van Camper BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL


1990 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon

  • 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Westfalia Bordeaux Red Pearl LC3Y/L6

  • Purchased January 2014 w/ 163,000 miles - I am the 3rd owner

  • Everything is in van is in excellent working order - Rocky Mountain Westy inspected the van less than one year ago when new pop-top was installed

  • Exterior repainted by second owner - minor bubbles on driver side

  • Upholstery in excellent condition

  • All original windows in excellent condition except windshield(new), including front power windows

  • $30k+ invested into van since 2014, itemized below. Highlights include:

  • 2000 Subaru 2.5 Liter engine conversion performed by Rocky Mountain Westy at 165,000 miles ~180 HP and 20 mpg Colorado mountain driving

  • New fuel tank

  • GoWesty Stainless steel coolant pipes

  • GoWesty Plate Steel Rear Bumper with 2" hitch

  • GoWesty Hook-Up Box Replacement Bundle

  • Shurflo faucet, new submersible water pump, new hoses

  • GoWesty 3.3 Gallon LPG tank w/ regulator

  • GoWesty Swing-away universal carrier w/ tray

  • New A/C Compressor

  • Propex Heater HS2000

  • New acrylic pop-top 3-window

  • GoWesty springs & custom tuned shocks

  • New brakes and brake lines

  • 17X7.5 5-112 ET35 SPARCO ASSETTO wheels

  • 215/55R17 94T Michelin Defender tires

  • Kenwood KMM-BT312U Digital Media Receiver

  • Focal PC 100 4" 2-Way Speakers - 4

1990 2WD Automatic descWesty Camper Vin # WV2ZB0253LH029882ription $ date
165,248 Rebuilt Subaru 2.5L SOHC long block. New internals, reconditioned heads, valve job, valve stem seals, timing belt and timing belt components, waterpump, oil pump, thermostat, includes core motor charge for rebuild, used intake manifold and accessories such as the power steering pump, alternator, a/c compressor, Subaru unmodified harness and engine control unit, fuel pump relay, main relay, atmospheric pressure sensor if applicable, air temp sensor if applicable, used coil pack and fuel injection, and some sensors which are reused. $6,300.00 12/2/2015
SS Super Stealth Offset muffler 2"in 2" out $149.00
Offset Muffler Bracket Left w/ Backer $39.95
Offset muffler bracket right side $39.95
Magnaflow 2" Cat Converter $99.95
Conversion Hose Kit $53.95
Subaru Reverse Manifold 4cyl $299.00
Subaru Engine Carrier Bar $399.00
Stainless Steel Coolant Transfer to Thermostat for your 4 cyl $149.95
Subaru Dual port w/O2 Bung $589.00
2" SS Tailpipe (Right Hand Cut) $49.50
Subaru Heatshield 2.5L $199.00
Subaru Engine Adapter Kit- Automatic Trans $519.00
Subaru 2.5 Air Intake $199.00
Vanagon Coolant Expansion Tank $26.95
Automatic Throttle Cable 4cyl. 8mm barrel $99.00
2.5L Conversion Kit for automatic Vanagon $2,932.64
rness Modification Service- Modify Subaru engine harness to adapt to the VW system. $650.00
Subaru Multi Rib Belt for alternator and power steering 2.5 liter $9.99
Subaru Water Temp Sensor 3pin $23.95
Real time speed sensor (Automatic Transmission) $79.95
Subaru Knock Sensor (Bosch) 65018 $99.95
Subaru PCV Valve #11810-A3501 $9.95
Subaru oxygen sensor (Denso 234-9018) $168.00
Subaru Oxygen Sensor ( Denso 234-4736 ) $113.00
NGK Ignition Wire Set 2.5L $69.95
Subaru Engine Mount $59.95
OEM Mounting Bracket for Subaru square engine mounts (Left and Right) $79.98
2.5L Power Steering Kit (Remote Reservoir) $149.95
New fluids for coolant system, power steering system, motor oil, and gasoline for test drive $125.00
Labor - Remove VW engine, prep engine bay, install Subaru modified wiring harness, assemble 2.5 long block and attach accessories, belts and intake, exhaust, sensors, valves etc. Install 2.5 liter engine, fluids and modifications, get running and test drive. $4,230.00
Subaru-Vanagon Shortened Steel Oil Pan $389.99
Labor - Install shortened oil pan $47.00
Bosch Hi Torque Starter $205.00
Hi-Torque Starter Adapter (Auto) $85.00
AL Tank Conversion w/Bracket $244.10
CV Boot Kit # 251 598 201 Lobro Made in Germany $79.80
Labor - Remove rear axles and re-boot 4 cv joints and re-install into van $282.00
Front Radius Rod Bushing Kit (2WD) $132.99
Install new radius arm bushings $94.00
Misc. Parts - Good used radius arm, seats and sleeve $150.00
Fabrication Time $188.00
Misc. Parts Used 2nd gear servo cap and cir clip $150.00
Labor - Remove and repair 2nd gear servo and replace cap and snap ring. $329.00
Brake Booster Check Valve - Needed for brake booster system, your van was missing this valve. $13.95
Propex HS2000 Heatsource Unit $745.00
Installation Kit for Propex heaters $49.63
Labor - Install Propex heater under rear bench seat and hook up to propane tank. Install thermostat on interior wall, run wires to aux batter, test gas fittings for leaks and test heater. $564.00
Subaru Multi Rib Belt for a/c 2.5 liter $12.99
Behr (OEM) A/C Receiver/Drier #253 260 633E $34.95
Misc. Parts - Brand new A/C compressor for 2000 Outback 2.5 $599.00
Modify and make A/C lines to adapt to Vanagon system, braise on fittings to A/C lines to fit Subaru compressor and recharge system with R134a $600.00
17X7.5 5-112 ET35 SPA ASSETTO $592.00
215/55R17 94T Michelin Defender $603.96
new fuel tank $290.00
ss coolant pipes $341.00
REAR-HITCH: Optional Hitch for GoWesty Plate Steel Bumpers $179.95
BUMPER-REAR: GoWesty Plate Steel Rear Bumper [Vanagon] $489.95
FLEX-LINE: Flex-Line Hose [Vanagon] $7.95
255-070-805: Pump, H2O inside tank (submergible) [Vanagon/Eurovan Westfalia] $29.95
FRESH-H2O-HOSE-SILVER: Replacement Fresh Water Hose Kit [Vanagon Camper] (Hose option: Tygon Silver ) $29.95
SHURFLO-FAUCET-KIT: Complete Faucet Upgrade Kit [Vanagon] $79.95
HOOKUP-KIT: Complete GoWesty Hook-Up Box Replacement Bundle [Vanagon] $139.95
253-070-601D: LPG Tank with Regulator [Bus/Vanagon] $341.95
BIL-VANO-BNDL-HD: Custom Bilstein Shock Absorber Set [2WD Vanagon] (Valving: GW Sport: Perfect for pop-top vans, a bit firm for hard-tops) $549.95
TRAY-OFFSET-BRKT: Universal Carrier Tray Offset Bracket $49.95
VANO-SWING-ARM: Bumper Mounted Swing Away System $249.95
VANO-SWING-TRAY-X: Tray Accessory for GoWesty Swing Away System (Regular or "Blemished" (Extra Holes): Blemished (Extra Holes)) $99.95
Kenwood KMM-BT312U Digital Media Receiver $99.00
Focal PC 100 4" 2-Way Speakers $500.00
85-91 Acrylic 3 window pop top (Grey) $499.00
Labor - Remove old canvas and install new 3 window Gray Acrylic pop top canvas $1,000.00
2WD Spring Set (Blk)Modestly Stiffer & Slightly Taller than Stock $319.00
Labor - Install new coil springs on all four corners of 2WD Vanagon $500.00
Labor - Recover and recharge a/c system, vacuum test and check for leaks.No leaks were found. System held vacuum and is holding a charge and blowing cold. $150.00


Item location:Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States
Type:Van Camper
Interior color:Gray
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear