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Vintage Meyers Manx (Authenticated by Bruce Meyers) Project - Plus Extras

Convertible BODY TYPE
1914 cc Dual Port - Dual Kadron Carburetors ENGINE
Rancho Custom Super Diff - 4 speed TRANSMISSION
Gasoline FUEL

1970 Volkswagen Other Vintage Meyers Manx Dune Buggy Project Description:

I have a project Meyers Manx on a 1970 VW Pan with a clean California title, currently street legal registered as a VW (not Special Construction). Easy transfer of the title into the new owner’s name.

Authenticated by Bruce Meyers: Manx Authentication Card in Photos. Transfer of Manx body ownership into the Manx Club Registry can be easily completed according to Winnie Meyers. There is no Manx ID metal tag on body.

The chassis/pan is a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, Shortened 14.5". a Custom Built 1914cc Dual Port VW Bug Engine with a Custom Rancho 4-Speed VW Bug Transaxle.

Many things have been done with a few still to be completed. Due to health conditions I can no longer do any building on this Meyers Manx and am looking to sell it to someone that will finish it up.

Things completed.

VW Pan preparation includes;

1)Sand blasting to bare metal,

2)Removing rusted floor pan sections,

3)Primer and painting VW Pan,

4)Replacing floor pan sections with aluminum diamond plate,

5)Building a 1.5” body lift.

Meyers Manx preparation includes;

1)Transport of Meyers Manx body to Irvine Classic VW Show to have Bruce Meyers look it over for authentication or not, as the metal ID manufacturing tag was missing. Bruce pointed out the Meyers Manx manufacturing characteristics; under fender wiring loom tubes and handle blocks for removing from fiberglass mold. Bruce has authenticated this Meyers Manx body. This Meyers Manx body is listed in the Meyers Manx Club Registry.

2)My duty as the current owner is to pass along to Winnie Meyers the name and address of the buyer for the transfer of ownership of this Meyers Manx for recording in the Meyers Manx Registry. Upon completion of the transfer ownership and any associated costs the new owner will receive all the materials associated with the transfer of ownership of this Meyers Manx body.

3)Some preliminary fiberglass repair work has been completed. Lots left to do on this item. This action was being postponed, as the Meyers Manx body would need to be moved ON & OFF the VW pan repeatedly while installing the transaxle, engine, and other items on the VW Pan.

4)My intention on the fiberglass repairs were to use aluminum diamond plate on the back and seat of the rear cargo/seating area, so the fiberglass repair would not be needed to be “perfect”. The same would be done to the front firewall of the body where there is a small gap in the fiberglass. The top surfaces of the Meyers Manx are actually in pretty good condition, and are without holes, so a light sanding and possibly a thin surface coat would be needed before painting. There are some slight surface cracking in parts of the gelcoat. You can easily sand out or fill in these thin cracks without any telegraphing of the thin surface gelcoat cracks through the new top applied surface.

VW Engine Build includes;


2x - 94 mm Heads (So Cal Imports)
94 mm Piston & Cylinder Set “A” (Rimco)


69 mm Counter Weighted Crank (DPR Machine)
1600 Balanced Rods (DPR Machine)
12V-200 mm 12 lb. Balanced Flywheel (DPR Machine)
Cam W110 (Kustom1)


Align Bore Mains (Rimco)
Deep Stud #3 (Rimco)
Case Bore 92 mm (Rimco)
Trim Cylinder Set Bottoms to 92 mm (Rimco)


Dog House Oil Cooling (Kustom 1)
Fan Shroud – no heat (Kustom 1)
Oil Cooler (Kustom 1)
Adapter (Kustom 1)
30mm Oil Pump (Kustom 1)
Machine work for full flow (Rimco)
Hoover Bit
Oil Breather
Oil Filter

5)Dual Kadron Carburetors from LowBugget (A.J. Sims, Mr. Kadron)

Big 40mm genuine Brosol-Solex carbs.
Empi aluminummanifolds.
Washable gauze air cleaner assemblies with chrome tops.
Empi linkage and all the hardware with instructions for an easy installation.
Each kit also includes:
Re-jetting of the main, idle and air correction for your motor size.
Needle and seat, float level, amount of accelerator pump squirt.
The manifolds are resurfaced top and bottom.

LowBugget curved vacuum distributor


Purchase of a Rancho Custom IRS Super Diff. with welded 3-4 hubs, Close 3rd & 4th Weddle gears, and hardened keys.

License Plates:

This Meyers Manx was going to be a special one for me. So, I decided to get a Special California License Plate.This is the “ZIPYKAT”.

Additional Stuff included in sale.

Meyers Manx Sidewinder Exhaust (installed $375).
Heavy Duty Transaxle Strap.
Hurst Shifter ($100).
Original Dietz vintage chrome head lights ($150).
1962-1967 vintage VW rear oval chrome tail light housings ($125).
Mazda Miata, 1990-1997 black cloth driver and passenger seats, with the optional speaker mounting in the head rests. Speakers included, not installed ($250).
6 - powder coated, 8 spoke, sliver metal flake (hard to see the sparkle in photo), steel wheels; 2 - 10”(rear), 2 - 8”(front), 2 - 6”(front or spare).
Tow bar.
Engine skid plate.
Porsche bullet style front turn signals ($75).
Various extra parts and VW specific tools.
2 extra VW, 4 lug wheels and tires (that do not hold air pressure).
Custom made car cover to fit a Meyers Manx, made by a long time Manx Club member in Texas ($125).
Damaged windshield frame (no glass) to use in deciding windshield angle & height during the build process.
Various other bits and pieces.

Magazines: Hot VW’s, Petterson’s Volkswagon, Popular Science, Ultra VW (UK), VolksWorld (UK), Dune Buggy Patents 1964-1977, Gene Berg – Book Of Instructions.

Books: How To Keep Your VW Alive, VW – Official Service Manual, Chilton’s VW Repair & Tune up Guide, Dune Buggy Phenomenon #1 & #2, The Dune Buggy Files, Dune Buggies, Building a Dune Buggy, Dune Buggy Handbook, Dune Buggies, Fiberglass & Composite Materials, Custom Finishing Systems.

DVD’s: Huell Howser’s California Gold – Manx Club Rallye, VolksWorld (UK) Show ’05, WheelerDealers VW Buggies, Great Cars – Dune Buggy.

Hot Wheels: Some autographed by Bruce Meyers(8), some not (16 New Mint In Box, 4 loose), some unique.

Dune Buggy Clock, Dune Buggy Model Box Cover - Fridge Magnets.

Manx Mania: publication of the Manx Club, 29 issues.

Manx Body Plastic Emblems and Body Stickers.

Australian Manx Club Key Fobs.

Things to do or are needed.

Manx windshield.
Manx dash.
You can get the above through the Meyers Manx On-Line Web Store.

Included is the VW speedometer, you can add other gauges as wanted.
Gas tank (used one supplied, new one recommended) & gas lines.
Select the rear view mirror(s), either side mirrors or center windshield mirror.
Finish fiberglass repairs on Manx body and do body painting.
Install brake lines.
Install throttle cable and foot pedal assembly.
Build roll cage, if desired.
Install battery, and create wiring harness or buy one.


Bring a flatbed trailer for the Meyers Manx and something large enough for all of the boxes of extra parts and tools, the 6 wheels, the skid plate, the tow bar and any other things I will include (everything I have goes with this purchase).

The existing tires should NOT be used for flat towing, they do NOT hold air pressure. If you have 4 wheels and tires to be used for flat towing, bring them.

This is for pick up only. If you need to ship this Meyers Manx, full payment must be completed prior to pick up by shipper. The buyer will be completely responsible for shipping this Meyers Manx. I will be able to oversee the pick up process by a shipper, and document it with photos for you, however, I will not be able to assist in the pick up process by any shipper.

Simple map and address of location of Meyers Manx sent to winning bidder after close of auction.


Total currently invested is more than $6,000.
Pan $500
Manx Body $500
Engine $2,500
Carburetors $1,000
Transaxle $900
Wheels $500
Books, Magazines, DVD’s, Hot Wheels, etc. $500

This is a no reserve auction. This Meyers Manx and all of the extras goes to the highest bidder.

You finish this project Meyers Manx and have a $10,000 fun machine.


In the mid-1960s Bruce Meyers created a new niche in the all-terrain vehicle market with his Meyers Manx Dune Buggy. The Volkswagen-based fiberglass buggy dominated off-road events that were previously the realm of dedicated motorcycles and 4x4s—most notably winning the first Baja 1000 (before it was even called the Baja 1000)! The reason why is that the Meyers Manx was fast, light, and reliable thanks to the combination of a shortened Volkswagen Beetle chassis, fiberglass body, and hot-rodded air-cooled Volkswagen engines. Original 1960’s Manx dune buggy survivors that weren’t driven to pieces or lost to neglect are not very common, but worth the hunt if you can find one. Bruce Meyers created only about 7,000 fiberglass Manx kits. This one is a survivor.


Item location:Santa Barbara, California, United States
SubModel:Street Legal
Trim:Vintage Meyers Manx Dune Buggy Project
Interior color:Black
Engine:1914 cc Dual Port - Dual Kadron Carburetors
Transmission:Rancho Custom Super Diff - 4 speed
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear