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Volkswagen Bus Type 2 1970 (Yellow and White with Brown/Beige Interior)

47,500 MILEAGE

1970 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Description:

I am Shaggy, a 1970 type 2 VW Bus. I’m chock full of people's memories. In my 47 years, I’ve been all around the United States and Canada; I’ve lived in the foothills of California, the plains of Texas and in the flats of the Florida Keys. I’ve lost my German accent; I’m a bit surfer-laid-back-Spanglish sounding now. You should hear the stories of my previous owners. There was one guy who took me camping for a summer in the mountains of Colorado. There was a family with lots of kids that used me to shuttle them to soccer games. There was this really cool surfer chick that took me when she rode the waves off California. I’ve been to Woodstock (in spirit) but I’ve never made it to Burning Man. I’ve been tailgating at Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson and Grateful Dead shows. On account of my good looks and audacious sound system, I’ve even been offered miracle tickets. My most recent owner rescued me from storage; you know, after all of those really cool life experiences, I needed a break and I got one. I was on blocks while my engine, carburetors, electrical system, brakes and wheels were reassembled and rebuilt. I look fantastic, for a 47 year old at least. The guy that had me before my present owner had me painted grey and black and installed some cool leather seats. My current owner installed sound deadening materials, tossed in some sleek carpet (to make some memories of his own), seal-coated the under carriage and put in a kick ass sound system that thumps like a boom-box. I have this really cool sunroof (but I need some parts to make it work fully). I’ve been in parades, have shuttled a dozen high school seniors as a designated driver, and love being around people. My current owner has had his fun with me and he wants to make sure that I find a new owner that will love me, care for me, and make me a part of their family. I’m a work in progress and you get me with a few warts and bruises. The best part is that I come with a mechanic that knows and loves me as much as you will. My previous owner restored the body including the replacement of the front-end and the glass, and when he ran out of money, sold the frame to my current owner who put me back together. My engine was re-built and installed in 2009. My under carriage has been sealed, I have very minimal rust and certainly no major body issues. My shock absorbers were changed out in 2009. I have a newer wiper motor and most of my electrical system functions as designed with newer parts, including the courtesy light under the dashboard. I have a completely new upholstered interior with fancy inlays. I was given a fresh coat of paint in 2016.


Item location:Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States
Interior color:Brown/Beige
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed