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Fully intact survivor in good running order. Ready to enjoy or accept mods.


1974 Triumph TR-6 Description:

This is a long read, hopefully worth it for a serious buyer as it will answer a lot of typical TR6 questions and has payment/shipping details at the end.


Let me introduce Dickens, a very intact 1974 TR6 survivor who has been nicely maintained and is running in well-behaved manner. He shows 73,870 miles on the odometer, which I believe by the overall condition of the vehicle is the total mileage, but if it has turned over, he shows his age well. Clean California title, registration in seller's name good until October 2023. New battery March 2023. New hi-torque starter July 2023 (stock starter core included). The motor starts easily with a few extra cranks needed if he sits for a while and pulls well with good oil pressure. No overheating issues in my Los Angeles summer driving, solid brakes, good suspension, and the alternator is putting out good voltage. Clutch and gearbox (not overdrive) working smoothly in and out of all gears. Ready to enjoy as is and/or a great candidate for any upgrades.

Dickens has a very new looking convertible top with all snaps intact on the body. New carpet in trunk. As-new tonneau and soft-top covers are included as well as a SnugTop fiberglass hardtop. There are witness marks on the rear deck that indicate the hard top was used at some point, but never by the previous owner or me. It does not have any attachment hardware and has some sections of rubber seal missing or creased from storage. With the hard top is a stand on wheels. Also included is a car cover in nice condition.

I purchased the car September of 2020 from a seller in Arizona, who had owned the car for about 18 months, with little usage. There was not much info as to the prior history on the car, but it shows no signs of any accidents, damage, rust or abuse. It presents very nicely with what appears to be a combination of the original paint, with nicks and touch-ups one would expect after 48+ years, and perhaps some panels nicely re-sprayed in original color. Some overspray indicates door sills and under hood/trunk may have been re-painted. Body gaps are all good with doors, hood and trunk opening and closing properly. Trunk latch and prop work as intended. Windows crank up and down smoothly with some not unexpected rattling noted when the door closes. The chrome is excellent.

The interior is clean with nice seats that I believe were redone by the previous owner with carpeting/mats/door panels all in very nice shape. The dash shows well with one slight flaw noted on a top edge and a few witness marks on the dash/glovebox if one looks in the right light to find them. The center storage box/console also looks to be a newer piece or in as-new condition. I installed new retractable shoulder harness belts from The Roadster Factory using factory attachment points. Newer sunshades that stay in place when driving, which is seemingly minor, but nice not to constantly futz with them flapping in the breeze.

During my ownership, I had British European Automotive in San Pedro, CA (it’s British car Disneyland if you’ve never been) do most the work. Service done includes installing Moss solid steering rack mounts and a new steering shaft coupler, which made notable improvements to the tightness and feedback of the steering. After chasing some ignition gremlins, we went from the Pertronix ignition on the car when I bought it to standard points with new rotor, distributor cap and ground wire. New plugs, plug wires and coil were also installed. The Pertronix bits and pieces are included should the new owner want to try that route. A new clutch hose has been installed.

Zenith carbs were serviced with new adjustable jets from Joe Curto/British Superior, as well as new metering needles and o-rings. The vacuum/vent lines on the carbs were redone to proper configuration. The chokes have been adjusted and are working smoothly.

The most recent work includes new bearings in the left rear hub and a new right rear drum.

I replaced the in-line fuel filter and did an oil change at 73,583 miles with Castrol 20W-50, Rislone 4405 Zinc additive and Purolator PL14460 filter as there is a spin-on oil filter upgrade.

Newer looking items of note, for which I have no record… Differential has a freshly painted finish; I cannot say if that is cosmetic only or work was done inside. Diff mounts appear to be newer standard pieces and looks like newer hardware on the diff/axle flanges. Boots on the rear axles also look newer, again, no history of service or replacement. Radiator looks to be newer, including cross tube and braces with a newer stock style shroud. Hood hardware also looks newer, either well-refurbished or replaced. The soft top frame appears fresh, either replaced, refurbished or very well maintained. It appears some attention was given to areas of the wiring harness under the hood and dash. Engine exterior is clean, with fresher looking intake and exhaust manifolds and carbs free of any serious buildup of grime. Air filters in stock housing appear newer as well. An auxiliary hood latch has been fitted.

Tires are older (date code 13 06) 185R15 91S Coker Classic Red Lines, with very good tread life remaining and no outward signs of aging. Best I can say is they are round, black, hold air well, and squeal delightfully under moderate slip anglesJ

The wheels and center caps appear original and in good shape. The beauty rims give a very nice first impression but are slightly less beautiful in some spots with a few dings and scrapes telling stories of slight encounters along the way.

My main reason for selling is I don’t fit comfortably in the car. If I remove the seat and plop in some cushions, it fits wonderfully, but my assessment is it would be a leap of faith buying aftermarket seats that “might” fit me and the effort to make a custom seat would certainly work but look out of sorts. More compelling is without a lift and more bench space in my garage, it is impractical for my old bones to be crawling around on the ground to do the upgrades I envisioned. Dickens is a blast to drive; I love the unfiltered connection to the road, feeling every nuanced bit of feedback from tires, suspension, gearbox, etc. Exhaust has a bit of a raspy note, with delightful little crackles and pops when coming off the gas. There is just the right amount of mechanical feedback in the drivetrain, with no adverse bumps or clunks, simply a reminder of how it all mechanically meshes together. Sadly, Dickens is just more work than I anticipated for the upgrades I want, so time to let him share quality time with someone better suited to keep in tip-top manner.

Now for the “little” things… as there are ALWAYS little things.

One pin latch on the tonneau appears to be installed upside-down, making it difficult to snap onto one passenger side dash pin… stupid, but there it is. A short section of the Velcro on the soft top above the driver’s door could be re-glued on one side. The horn button clicks some sort of relay under the hood or dash, but no quaint British squawking sound comes forth. The driver’s seat adjusts fore and aft, but the latch mechanism to allow the seat to fold forward is not holding. Headrests do not stay extended; I have stainless hose clamps cleanly installed to keep both in the upper position. Wipers work, but not the washer. Heater fan is also not working. As I live in Los Angeles and have only driven in nice weather, these issues are moot for me. If one looks closely enough, there will be signs of aging, but nothing that deters me from hopping in and going for a smile-inducing spin.

Buy It Now at $17,250 for this cool piece of machinery, driving experience and lots of panache’.

I am flexible with any secure payment options such as, PayPal Goods and Services (I will NOT do Friends/Family), Zelle over the course of several days as needed or cash upon pickup. I will split any payment transaction fees with the buyer.

I am in Los Angeles, adjacent to LAX and am happy to show and tell with any serious buyers. If buyer is out of the area, I will do whatever is needed to accommodatebuyer arranged shipping. Please note car must ship or be picked up by Aug. 14. Not trying to rush anyone, I have travel plans. If you can't securely pay and arrange shipment by Aug. 14, do not bid.

Car is listed on other venues, seller reserves the right to end auction if car sells elsewhere.

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Item location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Vehicle Title:Clean