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This car is in excellent unrestored condition but NOT RUNNING

2498CC 2.5L Inline-6 ENGINE

1976 Triumph TR-6 Roadster Description:

I bought this car at a charity auction NOT running and it only has 67,000 miles on it supposedly and they stressed it had only 67,000 actual miles and it is possible, IMO. It appears it has been sitting since 2003 but probably has been garaged most of it's life because of how rust free it is. It is a 43 old TR6 but looks like a sitting in a field 5 year old car or well taken care of 10 year old sitting in a field tr6 to me, if the little rust areas were missing. I have had probably 10 of these in my life time and this is by far the nicest with the most potential needing the least amount of cosmetic work and may not need much mechanically also. The undercarriage is amazing and the floors and trunk are original with very few if any rust holes. I will get more pics of the under side up soon if it doesn't sell before then. The engine turns over and the tank looks pretty good inside so it should be close to starting.The compression was between 100 and 150 in all the cylinders.It has a header installed and dual ansa style exhaust but the hanger rubber bushings have disinigrated. The whole exhaust system itself still looks like it was probably installed near the time it was parked but the chrome header is pretty badly pitted--maybe he bought it used? The steering rack also appears to have bushing problems because it slides back and forth around inside it's hold down clamps when turning the steering wheel back and forth.I found a receipt for new carpet from I think 2001--maybe just factory type mats (not pictured) --carpet is good dash has not cracks I noticed but the seats have some seams separations. The top isn't leaking but it has a couple or patches and the top windows are hardish and faded. The car does also have redline Michelins with very little to no cracking or rot and about 40% tread. The spare is alse redline and in newish condition with 90 to 100% tread--expensive tires new--I think they would all pass a state inspection. None of the trunk or doors keys work but may be salvageable?This is a whole lot of classic sports car for reasonable money and if my 911 sells before this car I may end this listing. If this car sells I may end the 911 listing and keep it a while longer. Please ask ALL questions BEFORE buying . There is a $500 NON refundable deposit REQUIRED with Buy it Now and please understand this is NOT an I'll Buy it Now and maybe purchase it after I see it auction. The balance of the purchase is REQUIRED within 7 days and pickup is REQUIRED within 10 days unless I agree to something else (I can) here in writing. There will be $20 a day storage and inconveinence fee for non payment each day after 7 days and also a $20 a day fee for storage after 14 days of not picking the car up.Sorry to be so harsh but it's all about the give them an inch and they'll take a mile, some people are about.


Item location:Midway Park, North Carolina, United States
Color:Delft Blue
Engine:2498CC 2.5L Inline-6
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean