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1979 Triumph TR7 Sprint Tribute Convertible 1979 Sprint Tribute Used Manual

2000cc ENGINE

1979 Triumph TR7 Sprint Tribute Description:

The Triumph TR7 already looked like nothing else on the road, so when you can find a version of this British roadster that has been given the right investments to look even more distinctive and a 16V engine - well then- this is truly a machine for the bold. Then again, at this price, this convertible is for anyone who loves a good value. The TR7 bucked the trend of classily styled British droptops. So it was the perfect way to deliver the traditional road-carving experience, but in a true standout package. It starts with a sharp red base. To that a blue and white custom decal package was added that nicely complements the TR7's unique wedge shape and racing history. Plus, the black pinstripe package adds to the distinction while also coordinating with the bumpers, door handles, badging, and tight-fitting new black folding roof. So while there's a lot going on with the whole paint package, it's also quite a thoughtful execution. And because this is a true European touring machine, you get the right pieces like a luggage rack, driving lights, and a great-looking set of wheels. The interior is both distinctive and well-coordinated. For example, the plaid insert on the door panels is both quite traditional and a nicely matches the exterior red and black. The seats are upgraded from the original, and now they're even heated â€" something you wish every classic open top machine had on an early morning. Plus, there are some more nice upgrades like the wood-like appearance package and the AM/FM/CD. It all shows there have been thoughtful additions in this TR7. But even with these upgrades, it never loses the original spirit. That's why you have a great stick in the ideal position, a grippy steering wheel, and beyond that is a full set of Smiths gauges â€" including a large speedo and tach. Just like a good British roadster, it's powered by a peppy four-cylinder motor, but this Sprint Tribute also has the engine everyone wants. The 2.0-liter looks exceptionally fresh in the engine bay, and that's because there was a full overhaul about 3k miles ago. 16-valves, dual SU carbs, and a header-fed exhaust create the right power and sound for a true European machine. And fans of these cars know the driver is responsible for creating the fun. That's why you have full control with the five-speed manual transmission and new clutch. And as you take this one for fun on the backroads, you'll experience the difference that comes from all the investments in this car. New bushings, new shocks, and new sway bars front & rear make sure this upholds Triumph's grand driving tradition. The TR7 has always been distinctive, and this one turns up that feeling in all the best ways. So for something affordable and fun that will always be memorable in a crowd, don't miss this deal. Call today!!!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Trim:Sprint Tribute
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear