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1988 toyota truck 4x4 pickup truck hilux

297000 MILEAGE
Standard Cab Pickup BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1988 Toyota 1/2 Ton Pickup Description:

This was my daily driver for 5+ years, family is growing and need to upgrade.
3" body lift, 33" BFG KO2s, some LCE goodies like head studs, windage tray and billet water pump pulley, also has upgraded timing chain guides.
This truck has factory carburetor and has always worked great. cold start and choke and idle all smooth even in very cold michigan winters.
It is obviously starting to rust, and I'd like it to go to someone that will take care of it. very savable chassis and such but the bed has holes that get worse every year.
It starts, runs, drives, stops and steers very well for an old truck. I've done a lot of work to it over the years, clutch is 3yrs old, top end is 3yrs old including valve job and all that. Bottom end is old and tired so it goes through a quart or so between 3000mi oil changes. Doesnt smoke or leak but it does use some oil. newer radiator within a year or so, newer hoses, newer alternator and starter, stainless brake hoses, stainless clutch line, always serviced with toyota components when needed.
I wouldn't hesitate to get in and drive this thing absolutely anywhere. It has helper springs in the rear and a beat up old aluminum service cap. I do have the original tailgate to go with it.
This is an IFS truck, they started doing that in '86 so don't ask me if it's a solid front axle because IT ISNT
22r, 5 speed, locking hubs and manual transfer case operation. 4x4 works great, have used it both in hi and low for gettting around the bush and such
itll do 70 but takes awhile to get there because the big cap topper. itll run 55-65 all day long and get you anywhere.
when it's cold the chain ticks a little bit but goes away when it gets warm. When we did the timing chain and guides i couldnt get a timing chain tensioner so i had to re use the old one.
anyway its beat up and a little rusty and the seat is ripped and it has high miles but it just plain works. If you're curious have a look at the top gear special on the old toyota truck.
I won't be driving it since it's posted for sale but i always wanted to get to 300k. its just over 297,xxx now and i truly love this old truck
anyway i can work with your shipper or whatever you need but i would drive this thing anywhere, fly in and drive home!!


Item location:Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Model:1/2 Ton Pickup
Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Interior color:Brown
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Left-Hand Drive
Vehicle Title:Clean