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1967 Toyota Corona Deluxe Sedan

999999 MILEAGE
4 cylinder ENGINE

1967 Toyota Corona Deluxe Description:

I purchased this car about 3 years ago, saved it from the Crusher. I recall the car being on the road and driving around town back in the late 1990's. Hadn't seen it in years and then saw it on craigslist at a metal recycler. I've never tried to move or drive the car, I've literally don't nothing to it but park it once it was delivered. It's all there and very solid. No rust in the floors. I did give it a bath and spray dyed the carpets black again after a good cleaning. You can see some of the interior door panels still have the plastic from the dealer covering which was never removed upon delivery of the car. The trunk is solid but dirty (sorry no photo). I'm selling a lot of project cars that I'm simply never going to get too. I have way too many projects, I'm a bit of a hoarder. It makes more sense to get this car now that I saved it into the right hands. I paid 800 dollars for the car. So I'll start the bidding at 900, no reserve. You can get a Title Letter from the State of Maine for an additional 150 Dollars, Maine is a no title State, otherwise it only comes with a Bill of Sale. But a Maine Title letter will allow any State to issue a clean Title. I've just done it here in Virginia on two cars I brought down. A Title Letter and Registration and Bill of Sale will easily get you a title. Just want to be clear with everyone, no surprises. You can store the Car for 90 days for free, it's inside my building. Then 150 dollars per month pro rata. I like looking at it actually. So no charge for storage, come and get it when your ready. It rolls fine. The speedo cluster has been removed. I found many tiny screws in the car and all the parts that go with the cluster. I never tried to put it back together. I've seen used Clusters here on Ebay. Prefer Paypal but will accept a Wire or Cash. No Personal Checks, No Trades. Just want to find this car a good home. One last thing, the obvious question, "Why no pictures of the left side of the car?". I don't know? Some how I've managed to never take a photo of it. Front fender and doors are just like the right side, side view mirror is not there, a universal mirror will fit, the rear quarter was rusty, surface rusty....I did sand it down and sprayed it with rattle can green and it's a reasonable match....I simply didn't like looking at surface rust, it's got some holds on the lower side just like the right side rockers, but it's all repairable.


Item location:Augusta, Maine, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:4 cylinder
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean