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classic vintage chrome 4x4 suv fj43 4.2 liter 4-speed manual transmission red

4.2L Inline 6 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 Description:

Those in the know love a vehicle like this 1979 Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser. After all, it has the look of the classic FJ40 but it's a rarer version with a longer wheelbase. It makes for added utility to an already timelessly robust symbol of go-anywhere motoring.
The Land Cruiser basically wrote the book on dominating the globe. It has become an icon of stoutness, and so there's no reason to paint it a bashful color. This bold red makes it instantly recognizable, but it never loses the tough-as-nails attitude. The grille, bumpers, and trim are all painted silver to coordinate nicely. Plus, the green wheels are a cool touch to stand out without looking showy. And as you really dig into the details, you'll be pleased at the quality this one. You see it everywhere from the well-done newer soft top, to the way the doors close with precision and ease.
Not only does the soft top have the kind of tautness that tells you it's newer, but it also gives you a ton of versatility. You can roll up the sides for a cool look and a cool breeze ventilation, or you can fold it all up to quickly give you a full convertible. These FJs are meant to be open to the world, and so everything is built to stay robust. The vinyl on the seats feels both fresh and nearly bulletproof. There's also a matching durable vinyl on the floor and door panels. The gauges are simple, clean, and hardy. The longer wheelbase is handy to give more space in the rear. That's nice when utilizing the opposing jump seats. And there's even a rubber mat on the floor so it makes it even easier to use this extra space for cargo. But because we know you're also going to want to enjoy this classic Land Cruiser on the streets, there's an upgraded AM/FM/CD stereo with USB for your iPod/iPhone. After all, it only takes is your favorite music to turn this tough 4x4 into cool cruising convertible.
There's more signs of good care when you open the hood. The engine bay has the tidy look of a solid investment. Plus, the water pump, valve cover, carburetor and intake gaskets all appear quite new. FJ fans know a later one like this comes with a more desirable 4.2-liter motor. That means the same F-series engine robustness, but it's larger than older ones for added power. This example fires up nicely and runs smooth like a proper Toyota should. You are in full control of the motor thanks to the four-speed manual transmission. And while the undercarriage photos show an exceptionally clean presentation, you'll easily be able to enjoy the mud thanks to the two-speed 4x4 transfer case and new off-road tires.
All the robustness you love about an FJ in a well-done and rare package. This FJ43 Land Cruiser is a classic 4x4 of distinction, so you know you need to make it yours. Call today!!!


Item location:Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States
Model:Land Cruiser
Interior color:Black
Engine:4.2L Inline 6
Vehicle Title:Clear