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1981 Toyota Celica Sunchaser Targa Convertible Extra Clean Survivor

Targa Convertible BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1981 Toyota Celica ST Description:

I am not a full time ebay business,
I buy, sell and trade to make my hobby easier to afford.
So please read my disclaimers below before bidding!
Up for sale is rare 1981 Celica Sunchaser ST.
LESS than 70 Sunchasers still known to exist!
Odometer is showing 97k miles.
(I have no documents to back up if thats original or turned over)
based on its overall excellent condition, I would tend to believe it!
I have found very little rust and I am sure I have missed some somewhere,
but my pictures will show just how solid the floors and trunk are!
This Sunchaser is a highly optioned ST model with add on cruise control (factory??)
Factory AC works fine, as well as the 4 speed fan works too!!! ALL 4 speeds work!
I personally added a passenger side rear view mirror for added safety.
The stock 22R is clean, complete and runs silky smooth and quiet
while the automatic overdrive transmission shifts smoothly into all 4 gears.
Cruises all day at 75mph!!!
This is an extremely highly optioned ST for its day!
Just the Sunchaser option was over $3000!!!
And a base ST being around $5000,
add GT alloy wheels, passenger rearview mirror, a/c and cruise control ...
This was well on the way to being a $10K Celica back in 1981!
Thats 1981 Corvette price territory!
ALL that and 35 mpg according to their own advertising for the automatic...
The body has been professionally prepped and given
a fresh repaint in the original Bright Red, along with black pinstripes
and a new rear vinyl convertible top being installed right after.
I have replaced the side marker lights and front fog lens with new ones.
An Extra MINTY nose emblem has been placed on the hood. (Just TRY to FIND one! lol)
I also installed NOS (Toyota) weatherstripping in the trunk,
as well as replaced the weatherstripping on the Targa!
Windows need minor adjusting for the best seal against the NEW weatherstripping
The original black vinyl interior shows great for its age (not restored)
but it might need a little work if you want perfection.
Dash is uncracked or damaged!
Even has the rare original floor mats still in car!
Original radio works, just crackles loudly, speaker is shot though.
All gauges are working as they should, charging gauge and
fuel gauge reads accurately and low fuel warning light comes on at around 1/8 of a tank.
Tach and speedo work great and all electrical seems to be working perfectly!
This also has an aftermarket cruise control that I have not tested as of this writing.
Very solid car for its age.
I do not know anything that this needs other than someone that will take care of it!
Like new tires (under 500 miles), new rear gas shocks, new carburetor and fuel pump.
New trunk mat and new boards made to cover the tools.
Front lower valance is really nice as well,
not chewed up like most from parking to close to the curbs!
So with all the expensive stuff having been done,
this Sunchaser should provide years of trouble free enjoyment to its next owner.
I am considered the Sunchaser "guru" by most of people that are fans of these,
as I restore these, as a hobby. SO I am also happy to help with sourcing
parts for anyone who needs them.
I normally do not resell these, tend to keep for years..
as I restore/refresh to the best of MY standards and abilities,
as I always intend to have the best for my collection,
Sadly I am at the age that I have to downsize my collection...
This car gets lots of attention wherever you go.
And will almost surely be the only one at your local car shows!
I always get asked questions and comments, almost every time I got out it!
I run the Sunchaser registry on facebook
no one knows exactly how many of these cars are left,
but with only 70 of these registered in 6 years, and that is worldwide!
This is surely to be one of the Hottest JapTin collectibles in the future!
So I'd wager not too many are left from the 2500 Griffith company modified.
This one is in my Top 5 Sunchasers that I have seen, period, restored or unrestored.
PLEASE note this is almost a 40 year old vehicle,
NO 40 year old car is perfect!!
Plus this is a convertible. And ALL convertibles leak.
So No warranty, Sold as is, where is, if you need more pictures,
please ask and I will be happy to provide!
Lots of care and detail has gone into making this one of the best Sunchasers in the USA!
I believe its nicer than the one that sold on Barrett-Jackson earlier this year for over $14K (after fees)
Shipping is EXTRA and to be paid for by the buyer
I am happy to assist with meeting the carrier nearby to load the vehicle
$500 deposit by paypal within 24 hours of purchase
with the balance in a certified back check or POSTAL money order within 7 days.
Please be courteous and try/plan to make payment within 24 hours of auction's end
PLEASE NOTE: because of non-paying bidders,
I will make a "2nd Chance Offer" within 36 hours,
If payment has not been received within 24 hours, or I have not been contacted.
Sorry, but delaying payment is not fair to me, or the other bidders.
Thank You for your quick payment! Good luck bidding! PLEASE NOTE: My Items' "condition" is a general "as I see it" description.
Sometimes my pictures can make items look better OR worse than in person.
Colors can be brighter or duller, and for glass and chrome items, DUST can look like scratches.
Also one persons "fair" condition might be "great" to someone else, hence the reason for good pics
if you need better pics or more detailed description of an item, please contact me before you bid!
I have always tried to give a good honest description of every item I sell
which is supported by my 100% positives since I have been with ebay!
Again, please ask questions if there are ANY concerns at all
Thanks again for reading and bidding on my items!
Items will now ship out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Item will be quickly shipped to the paypal address YOU have chosen.
Please make sure its the correct and current address for you to receive your item(s)
"Lost" or "missing" or "never arrived" because of an incorrect address will NOT warrant a refund!
If the package gets delivered (USPS tracked & verified), I will have fulfilled my part.
PLEASE note shipping "costs" are a separate COST from your bid.
Shipping costs are NEVER refundable, because I do not get refunded from USPS or FEDEX.
Return shipping is paid for by you, the buyer, unless I grossly misrepresent my description
Then I will happily refund your shipping costs, but returns because of "changed mind"
does not count as my misrepresentation of an item.
The shipping price is non-negotiable at auctions end, and includes shipping, careful packing, etc.
As with all auctions, please take this cost into consideration BEFORE you place your bid.
A 20% restocking fee will be applied to any refunds,
that are not caused by my misrepresenting an item or auction errors...
so if my description and pictures do not show or describe enough
PLEASE ASK, I will take more pics or describe in more detail
I strive to be as honest as possible, and to keep my buyers happy. I am looking to buy a 1980 or 1981 Toyota Supra Legato (has a targa top)
only interested in the LEGATO (it will have emblems with that name)
Please contact me with pictures and price if you have one to sell. RETURN POLICY
I DO accept returns, but only if I have grossly misrepresented my item up for auction.
So please ask questions, especially if the pictures leave anything out.
I try my best to be accurate with my descriptions, but peoples opinions do vary with tastes
My "mint" condition grading might be someone elses "new" or "used"
so if you do not ask, and you like the picture, I believe I am "covered" for an accurate description.
Sadly I cannot refund shipping costs to you or back to me. As these are not refundable for ME either.
Returns are accepted if I am notified within 48 hours of YOUR receipt, that there is a problem.
It then must be returned to me within 5 days of my agreement of a return.
I am then HAPPY to refund the FULL winning auction amount, once it arrives safely. (minus restocking fee)
I have no control over damages during shipping.
Please notify the shipper of any issues.
Electronics are listed as their current condition in the auction.
Damage may happen during shipping but I will package for safe arrival.
No returns on electronic games or equipment, sorry.


Item location:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Type:Targa Convertible
Color:BRIGHT RED - 391
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean