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1979 toyota land cruiser fj40

190343 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser Description:

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser - Please email for additional pics.



4.2L 2F Engine

GasolineStock Carburetor
4 Speed Manual4WD


I purchased this truck out of California in 2009 and had it shipped to Jacksonville, FL. At the time it had about 84K miles on the odometer. Since the odometer only shows 5 digits, I'm going to assume it has rolled over once, meaning it had about 184k miles at the time I purchased. Fast forward 9 and a half years and I've only managed to add about 6k to the total (190,343). This is not my daily driver, but could be. It was garage kept before I purchased it and was garage kept by me until about a year ago. It is currently in an open-air carport.

I did the following upon purchase and since. I may be forgetting a few things, but have most, if not all, receipts. All are OEM unless noted.

New HFS Leaf Springs, Shackles and Shocks (from Cool Cruisers of TX)

New Side Mirror Arms

New Side Mirrors (Aftermarket, not installed)

New weather stripping (all doors)

New Seat Covers and Seat Foam

New Jump Seat Straps

New Interior Light

New Shifter Boots (both)

New Shift Knobs (both)

New Decals

New Hood Hooks

New Door Cards

New Column Housing

Fuel and Temp Gauges Replaced

New Glove Box Light

New Brake Light Lenses

New License Plate Light Housings

New Bumperettes

New Hitch

New Headliner

New Vacuum and Exhaust Hoses

New Fuel Pump

New OEM Wheels (5)

New OEM Center Caps (5)

New Tires (5) in 2018 - Firestone Destination A/T

Repaired Emergency Brake Dash Light

Replaced Clutch Master

Replaced Intake and Exhaust Gasket

Previous owner performed the following maintenance in late 2007, prior to my taking ownership (ODO at the time was reading: 80,938...probably 180,938):

New Front Brakes

New Front Rotors

Rebuilt Transmission & Transfer Case

New Clutch

New Oil Pan Gasket

New Radiator

New Rear Main Engine Seal

New Steering Gear Box

New Thermostat Housing Gasket

Resurface Flywheel

Total bill back then was $5,254.04


This Land Cruiser is in overall very good condition. Looks great, runs great. It would love to be driven every day. Otherwise, it is a cold start and needs to be "choked”. Does NOT smoke or drip any fluids. Paint everywhere but the hood and top of fenders (where the heat gets to it) looks great. Oxidation has been buffed out in the past. Can paint just those areas if you choose (estimate from Maaco of $419). But, let the pictures (or come see it) help you decide if you even need to address that immediately. It does have the factory AC, which I had serviced and hoses replaced, but the compressor is not engaging. It IS free and not seized. It's not something I have worried about as this is a luxury item in a utility vehicle. When it was working, I hated to roll the windows up when driving. Much more fun with the windows down. To that point, I have never taken off the top or doors. It has also never been taken off-road.


There is a little rust in the rear quarter panels. It has not progressed much at all in 10 years of being in Florida. I got an estimate to cut out, weld in new metal and paint - a coupe grand, I believe. It never bothered me enough to have it done, but certainly something that can be addressed. Overall the vehicle has very little rust. It has been years since it was painted and nothing is being hidden, so any imperfections can be seen upon inspection.


I have seen far too many "restored" Land Cruisers for sale online recently. Look close! Many do not have period correct doors, lights, etc. Or maybe worse, marker lights, blinkers and rear reflectors are missing, (Bondo'd over) in the wrong location, or are not original to the vehicle. Also, decals are not always in the correct location. The fresh paint may be hiding something. And, if they didn't take the time to put it back together correctly what other short-cuts were taken? There are examples of this in other ads on this site. Look at old Toyota advertisements to see what the correct doors, lights, blinkers, front grill, etc. are for the year truck you are looking to buy, then compare to the ad you see. Also, they ALL seem to only have somewhere in the tens of thousands of miles - no way to verify (except for where they are listing mileage since rebuild) due to the Odometer limitation, but highly unlikely all of these barn finds just surfaced.

I spent nearly a year searching for this particular FJ40 before buying. I poured over the internet looking for a solid original truck for a good price. My hard work paid off as this truck has been nearly problem free (possibly in large part due to the efforts of the previous owner). Only minor repairs as documented above. I also put a lot of love into getting it looking as close to like-new as I could. Having owned and driven this truck for nearly 10 years, I can honestly tell you it is a great find. Please feel free reach out with any and all questions.


Item location:Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Model:Land Cruiser
Interior color:Gray
Engine:4.2L 2F
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear