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1994 toyota supra Twin Turbo RHD

Hatchback BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1994 Toyota Supra SZ Description:

1994 Toyota Supra SZ Twin Turbo imported from Canada. Originally from Japan. I am the 4th owner. However I have not registered the car yet in the USA. So technically you'd be the 4th owner. I had planned on keeping the car and building a real monster, however an opportunity is knocking in the form of buying a business so I'd like her to go to someone who will proceed with similar plans as well as having one of the rarest Supra's in the USA and it'd be nice if she stayed in the Supra owner community.

I have all the proper paperwork for the car. DOT, EPA, HS7, Bill of sale, title, etc. You don't have to worry about all the legality issues with importing because I've done that. All the hard work is done. All you do is head down to the DMV with the paperwork and you're good to go.

Currently she has a little under 84k miles. I bought her in 2017 and she's been stored in a heated garage since then. Currently resides at my home.

She hits 17lbs like a champ and sounds amazing. No gear grinds, or drivetrain noise. Interior is surprisingly quiet, but I guess that's what you get when you have a hardtop.  From the factory she was optioned without ABS, Cruise control or Traction Control. I sought out these specs because I wanted to track her.

I believe she's around 3,220lbs right now with an estimated 380whp. With the stock SZ rear end ratio of 4.083 she rips through the gears with ease. With the right modifications you can get down to around 3,100 lbs and have a very fast car. Belts, fluids, plugs, timing were recently done.


Custom intake and piping

HKS blow off valve ( the JDM Supra's all ran Mass Air Pressure, so you don't need to worry about the ECU not reading all of the consumed air like a Mass airflow sensor equipped car)

FMIC (I am unsure of the brand)

3 Inch Downpipe

3 Inch Midpipe

4 inch HKS Carbon Ti (catback)

AEM wideband A/F with gauge

Boost gauge

Greddy boost controller

HSC coilovers

Amp ( resides in the hatch, you can custom wire this to any audio system you choose)

Kenwood double din touch screen

Keyless entry security system

Hid's for the Low beams

Vin: JZA80-0016928


Battery ( I can supply a new battery at cost and install for free)

Paint job ( Pass fender, few minor spots have clear peel. Small dent on pass rear wheel well, will be properly repaired and it will be repainted factory 199 if you want for extra)

Oil level sensor. ( I can supply a new Oil level sensor at cost and install for free)

Rear tires will need replacing within 5k miles if you want to keep using the MVR wheels.

MVR wheels ( slight curbing and a few nicks because the pass rear wheel had an impossibly stuck lug nut that required extraction, New stud supplied and installed for free)

I can have all of the above taken care of at cost if you like. Paint is around 4k.


These parts are NOT included in the auction. The parts below are Only Included for Buy it now of $52k ( Enkei wheels for free at this price)

Below I have listed FAIR values for the parts. As in tomorrow If I listed these for these prices, they'd be gone within the week.

$9,000 V160 with 60k miles (twin turbo transmission, this is also the later spec, better case bracing) + inspection plates, tripod, shifter, cross member, Slave cyl, OEM clutch/pressure plate, Lightweight flywheel, driveshaft)

$4,500 B30b with 42k miles (twin turbo differential) and axles

$1,200 Twin Turbo 4 piston front / 2 piston rear calipers with front and rear rotors, stainless lines

$1,600 Uber Rare SR3 Recaro Seats in a unique pattern.

$1,500 Haltech Elite 2500 (ecu only) BNIB

$1,800 Enkei NT03+M, new tires/lugnuts (Muteki) (18x9.5 +27 265/35, 18x10.5 +30 285/35) 

$100 New oem Front lip ( black, will be installed)

The cheapest SZ NON turbo Supra in the county in good shape at the current time is $31,500

to compare, you'd need a Twin turbo engine $4k, full exhaust $2k, fmic $600, boost controller $400, intake $400, bov$250 to compare and then you'd need to do the maintenance. Already at 40k without maintenance or install.

The cheapest LHD Twin Turbo Supra in NY I have found is currently at $49,000 and automatic t-top if that's your thing.

I believe this is a fair ask considering the quality and rarity of the parts for the build. Could you build a Supra for cheaper? maybe. Could you scan the sites in OTHER countries for a less expensive one? maybe. But then you have to do the leg work for the knowledge on how to import and export, Do the research on the shipping companies and see if they are right for you and reputable, Hope the person or business you're buying from won't scam you out of your car and hope it's coming as described when you wire the funds internationally, During shipment you also have to hope no one takes it out for a joyride and there's even more variables before she lands.

This one is here and she's landed legally in lower NY, and you're not paying for the import cost or hassle of research. Ready to enjoy!!!

I can take more Hi-res photos or video's upon request.
White supra is a depiction of how the Enkei wheels included in the buy in now price will look on the car.

For winning bidders* ($500 non refundable deposit is required immediately, if you for any reason cannot pay for the car within the 3 day timeframe, you agree to forfeit your deposit)

If you're worried about transport I can help you arrange it if that is the only thing holding you back.


Item location:Mohegan Lake, New York, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear