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best of the beasts...FJ 60 4 door Cruiser, 1987

230,000 MILEAGE
2F six cyl ENGINE
gasoline FUEL

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Description:

This is a clean, rust free, one owner California Cruiser. Until I bought her four years ago she was owned by a local dentist who bought the car new and maintained her well, taking his family camping all over the Sierras and desert...until the kids grew up and moved away from home and he retired because of a stroke...preventing him from driving it. He still had an entire file folder of service receipts somewhere in storage that he unfortunately wasn't able to find for me when I got it because the file is buried in everything from his dental office business that all got dumped into the same room when he closed his practice after the stroke. My point is that even though the receipts are lost, it's been meticulously maintained it's whole life by a man with the funds to be able to afford it.
The FJ is all stock except for new Old Man Emu greasable 3 in. lift suspension, and a new high quality paint job in the original root beer color, but with a touch of metallic and a hint of pearl to make it pop a bit...oh, and an aftermarket stereo, and upgraded A.C. to the current refrigerant...and tinted windows. Other than those items, I think it is completely stock. Here's a partial list of the work I've done...did a compression test. Found 140psi + or - 3 lbs. in all six cylinders. That's when I decided it was worth the time and money to move ahead. 140 psi is like a brand new motor...for those who may not know.dropped the fuel tank and had it boiled out and installed all new components incl. sending unit for fuel gauge. Changed the engine oil.sent off the carb and had it rebuilt. Replaced fuel filters and pump. Complete tune-up. Checked all vacuum hoses. New battery. New hoses and belts. New coolant.Finally...started her up and drove her for the first time since the doc's stroke. Had to fill the power steering and bleed the system. The Cruiser has run great since then and I've driven it at least once a week, and taken it on trips, even towing a tent trailer on several camping trips to Pismo Beach.Next I put a new catalytic convertor on to pass California Smog. Then I had the A.C. charged. It has been upgraded to R-134. All of the engine's oil seals have been replaced and the motor does not have any oil leaks. Also...and this is very does not use any oil. I've been using Delo non-synthetic heavy duty oil, changing oil at six thousand miles and have never had to add oil between changes. Just for those who don't already know, the 2F straight six Toyota engine is legendary for reliability, low end torque for off road power right from idle, and for extreme long life. This motor has another two hundred thousand miles in it as long as you continue to maintain it like the doc did.The leaf springs were tired, so I installed new Old Man Emu 3 in. lift springs with greasable shackles and new shocks. New Falken Wildpeak 33 in. tires. Installed an old school Airguide backlit compass on the center console. Replaced the front speakers and lubricated all windows and door locks. Changed all the fluids...front and rr diffs, tranny, transfer case, Haven't changed the brake fluid or had to bleed braking system. Brakes work great. Power steering leaks a bit. I just have been topping it off about once a month.I've had her on jeep trails many times and the four wheel drive works great. The rear dif. is open, as it came from the factory, yet it does amazingly well off-road. It's due for Ca. Smog again, and I will get it passed unless someone out of state ends up buying it. I just ordered a new dash cover and I'll be installing it before the sale...the original one is cracked from the sun.This is a very sweet little Cruiser...completely reliable...I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. It's a lot of fun, very versatile, completely Spartan...will start and run even after the computer, no electronics... carbureted...simple and straightforward... and badass!!!The Kargo Master heavy-duty roof rack and the Tapui rooftop tent are available separately. The Navarro wood and fiberglass canoe is also for sale. If you have any questions you can call me at 559-723-1338 and I'll be happy to answer them.For those who may be watching...but the price seems a lot of money, consider this:The FJ-60s are following in the same path the FJ-40s paved. look at the price of a nice FJ-40...$50-100 thousand dollars in today's market. You could buy a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited used for the price of this FJ...sure. But in five years it will be worth maybe $10k...Five years from now this FJ will have gone up in value, and all that time you'll be enjoying the use of it. Ten years from now it may be worth $30,000...that's a good investment!!!


Item location:Three Rivers, California, United States
Model:Land Cruiser
Color:root beer
Interior color:gray/tan
Engine:2F six cyl
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear