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1987 Toyota Corolla Appeared On TV Shows and Movies Picture Car All Original!

39,787 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1987 Toyota Corolla Description:

For Sale - 1987 Toyota Corolla. Shipping for this car is available.
Please read the entire ad before making contact, as to get a better understanding with the car and all the details. Please, serious inquiries only. This car was recently filmed on a tv show and fetched $250 for the day, and another one last month as well. In addition, a French artist music video production offered me $700 for it for two days. Two other shows early this year, and a few others last year, a movie this year as well, so if you're local, you can get it in the network of cars, which they occasionally need.Period cars like these can fetch such aforementioned amounts at times, and sometimes will be called back to appear on the same shows later, so if anything, maybe in a year or so, whoever buys this car, if you're local, you can sign up with casting and get this car in further shows and have it pay for itself. We just don't have that much time to get involved with this, but I'm a part-time background actor and taking it to set was really fun, along with seeing other period cars there.
If you've been holding out for a really clean 80s car, this is the one! All original and original miles and odometer has always worked and mileage history online and with the DMV can attest to this.
I've owned this car since October, 2017 and according to records, I am the this owner, as it was the original owner, then he transferred it to his sonin June of last year, then I purchased it. Also, if you look at mileage history in all those years, it shows on the history report and in the first ten years alone it only drove like 17,000 miles, as you don't find cars like this very often.
This car was purchased new in 1987 here in California from Hamer Toyota in Mission Hills, I have more recent service records from the first owner, as it was owned by an older couple, and they sold it to me via their son, as it was mainly used to go around town, so I was told. I have driven it once a week just around the block and mainly warmed it up, and put less than 200 miles on it. The reason for selling is that I am moving on to other interests.
The pics will show how clean it is, and when you see it in person, you will see as well.
It's such low mileage, but has some issues. Firstly, here is what I have done right when I bought it, which I have receipts. Of course, right away when purchased, I changed the oil. Despite the low mileage, I replaced the timing belt and water pump, just to be safe. Likewise, the axle boots. In addition, the valve cover gasket, as it was leaking oil a bit, around the size of a quarter, and still did thereafter, but it may have been residual oil and I can't determine if it leaks anymore, but it was a very small amount in the driveway in one place. The oil pan gasket could be an issue, though, I'm not sure. It was tightened, though, and oil doesn't just leak when it sits anymore. It has to run for a while and drive, then some leaked in the past, but again, it doesn't seem to be doing it now that I see. The aforementioned is under warranty at a shop here in Valley Village until 10/24/18, should there be any issues until then. I changed all belts in January of this year and did an alignment as well. At time of purchase, I ordered an aftermarket left side mirror as well, and had it installed, and it works as it should.
With previous receipts from the original owner, what I have is a receipt showing that the carburetor was fully rebuilt in June of 2017. There is a smog check from him as well from last June, which passed, and of course, when I purchased it, it passed in October of last year as well, and I am aware of the law that I would need to smog it first before it's sold within California if registering here to a new owner, which I will, and many do not know of this law, and I am sure that it will pass. If it doesn't, naturally, I know that it's my responsibility to get it to pass, so no worries there, but I'm confident that it will pass. I have a receipt from the former owner from Firestone from September, 2014, showing an oil change and new tires, vehicle inspection, brake fluid change, alignment, and cooling system pressure test. At this time, the mileage was 38,946, so you see how little it's been driven all this time as well - Less than 1,000 miles. Color of car is Toyota code number 165 (also known as JB14 with Toyota, so I was told on their help line), metallic gray, which is kind of a light gray, not too light, but not too dark. Everything inside is manual with this car, such as seat adjustments, windows, and there is no cruise control. Really simple and cool.
The flaws are as follows, as I have taken pics as well. A small dent on the right rear side light, and a small dent on the left rear side. Here and there you will see blemishes, too, as please keep in mind that this is a 31 year old car. There is no oxidized paint, though, which is a good thing and I was told that it was always garaged. I've had it covered outside most days, and with this sale, of course, you are welcome to the cover. The headliner sags a bit up front and in the back more, which is normal for a car this age as well. It starts right up, even after 10 days or two weeks, as you just pump it a few times, and it will start right up no problem. The stereo works with the radio, but when you turn it on, it's all loud and static-like with noise, and you have to adjust it a bit with the volume knob, but then it will sound normal. There is an issue with the trunk. It will open and close, but when you open it all the way, the left hinge makes a clicking sound, and it will in fact lock the trunk lid. In order to release it to close the trunk, you have to pull the hinge down from inside, and it will enable the trunk to close. You can see on the left side of the car how there is a slight raise in the trunk, but it doesn't leak water on the inside when it rains, as it aligns with the weather stripping. If you wash the car and for instance spray it with the hose a lot into that area with high pressure, then it will leak a bit of water on the inside, but it's not that much and can be dried right away. There is no water damage from such an occurrence inside the trunk, I assure you of this, and you will see when you view the car. Likewise, it has the original jack and spare tire, appearing to have never been used. This car has a/c, but it doesn't work. It would appear that it needs to be refilled, but maybe there is a leak in the system, likely being the original system, so would perhaps have to be replaced if you want a/c. When I purchased this car last October as well, it was still very hot outside. It seemed when idling too long, such as in traffic, it would run a bit hot, but at like 3/4 at the temperature gauge, and not overheating all the way. Just something to note. It doesn't do this now when I've driven it, and maybe the water pump, timing belt, and belts having been replaced, have helped this. Just want to put it out there, in order for you to know anything and everything. On the street if not sitting in traffic for long periods and driving normally, it shows normal temperature and on the highway at normal speeds it shows the same or lower. I'm not sure if it had to do with really hot days during that time of the year as well. To remedy running hot in traffic, we put the heater on once and it cooled down quickly. But again, lately it's not doing this with the way the weather is, naturally not immensely hot here in the L.A. area yet this time of year. I have no idea if it's a front or rear wheel drive, as I have no idea about such things.
Original booklets are included, as shown in pics, and three original keys that say Toyota on it, but one says "Curtis" as well on the back of it, so maybe it's a copy. Either way, what you see in the pics is what's included. The paint is very good, all things considered. You are certainly welcome to look everything over with this car when you come, as would be expected, if a local buyer would purchase this car.
Brakes and tires are excellent. Battery fine, too.
If you want to have a good time zipping around town or taking this on a long road trip, this is a wonderful car for it and you won't spend much on gas either while having fun, which is a big deal these days for everybody with gas prices. It can be used as a daily driver for sure if you wish, or keep it as a collector, or continue to have it cast as a picture car, as it will eventually pay itself off.
$8,000 OBO cash only, not interested in trades of any kind. Please, serious inquiries only. Out of State buyers welcome, and I'm 4 miles from Burbank Airport and I can pick you up from there. If selling out of State, I will not smog it, as per California Law, it doesn't need to undergo a smog check if selling to and shipping out of State, and can be sold by simply transferring ownership.We are able to ship, though, the car has to be picked up by a shipper that you arrange. However, we would prefer the car be sold and picked up with payment of cash in person. Feel free to be in touch, by all means.As shipping is an option, money must be wired or made by paypal and clear first and shipping must be arranged by buyer and car must be picked up from us here at home.
I can be reached at 818-922-4840 and it's best to call, as opposed to text. If there is no answer, just leave a message like we did back in the day, and I assure you that I'll get back to you shortly.
Please do your due diligence, as well as by license plate number, as you can see smog history and mileage by this, too, online. Many sellers on other websites refuse to give the VIN and license plate numbers, so it makes you wonder what they're hiding. Title is clean and in hand in my name, and registration is current. I'm willing to hear all and any offers, but just be serious about the purchase and please do some research on this car and model, as one should.
Thank you.


Item location:Valley Village, California, United States
Interior color:Gray
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear