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5 Speed Cold AC 33" BFG KO Tires on Street Lock Rims Rock Crawler RUST FREE AZ

145,000 MILEAGE
Standard Cab Pickup BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1986 Toyota Hilux SR5 4x4 Pickup Regular Cab Short Bed 22R Description:

THE HILUX:Super clean rust free classic 1986 Toyota Hilux SR5 4x4 regular cab short bed pickup truck runs & drives as good as it looks with zero mechanical issues and only 145,000 miles from Southern, Arizona where it's so dry that vehicles can't rust.It's never been wrecked and nowhere on Earth will you find a Toyota Hilux so meticulously gone through. Comes with clean Notarized Arizona title and many thousands of dollars in receipts for valuable new parts & labor. Anybody couldjump in this truck and drive it coast to coast feeling confident it wouldn't need anything but gasoline. I've been working on these trucks for 35 years and I can tell you this, if you've ever wanted a really nice one the time to buy is when you see it because it won't be around long. Somebody else will snatch it up while you procrastinate. I hear that all the time, especially for these gems that I touch.HISTORY:This amazing truck was born in 1986 in a factory in Hamura, Japan. Itwas the 1st year that Toyota offered the Independent Front Suspension (IFS) mini truck. It's lived its whole life in Southern Arizona where the US Air Force mothballs all their retired aircraft in the World's largest boneyard because there's such a lack of humidity that nothing rusts. Here's a link if you've never seen that fascinating boneyard (you may have to copy & paste link into your bowser):
MECHANICALS:This rust free truck features an exceptionally strong running, recently rebuilt 22R (2.4L SOHC) original engine with new timing chain & guides, mated to a rugged (G Series) 5 speed manual transmission with a new clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, throwout bearing and pilot bearing. It comes with other sweet features like power disc front brakes, power steering, and ice cold factory AC converted to the modern 134A freon. It has a rebuilt factory Aisin carburetor that works perfect. This truck'sbeen professionally gone through stem to stern to ensure all bearings, bushings, mechanicals & fluids are fresh with no leaks or issues. It drives down the road like a new truck. Tight, smooth, quiet & peppy without a single rattle.
22R (2.4L) 4 CylinderLegendarily reliable numbers matching 22R runs like an industrial sewing machine.Starts every time with a click of key. No smoke, no knocks, no leaks, no issues whatsoever. Whisper quiet. Excellent oil pressure. Runs cool, even on 112 degree Tucson summer days with AC blowing cold. Everything under the hood is stock & most everything is new. The exhaust has not been modified and still retains the OE spec catalytic converter so it always passes emissions. Engine builders have long admired howthese 22R blocks are famous for being hardened with even more nickle content than old American muscle cars, meaning they can be rebuilt almost indefinitely, plus these carburetor 22R engines, having no computer, are particularly desirable for Preppers worldwide because they are immune to the electro magnetic pulses of nuclear war. There's a grizzled old man who runs around Tucson with a mint old Hilux similar to this with 650,000 miles. Many examples with over 500,000 miles are common when you search the net.
5 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION & GEAR DRIVEN TRANSFER CASE:G series transmission shifts tight and smooth as you'd expect with a new clutch. The 4x4 works perfect, meaning the 2 speed gear driven transfer case (one of the strongest humans have ever invented) operates concisely as designed.Factory Aisin manual lockout hubs (nobody can dispute they're the toughest factory hubs ever produced) engage like new. This is a Toyota after all. Their 4x4 reliability is legendary.
IFS SUSPENSION, WHEELS & TIRES:A 3 inch body lift was installed. This lift is ideal for a truck with a fully boxed frame like Toyota because there's virtually no flex between cab & frame. It provides the distinct advantage of allowing totally stock suspension to clear 33 inch tires, which in this case features brand new 33 x 12.5 x 15 BFG KO2 All Terrain Radials with 100% tread mounted & balanced on 15 x 8 black Pro Comp Street Lock steel rims. The stickers still haven't worn completely off the rubber which you can see in some pics. The front shocks are brand new KYB. The rears are Rancho 5000 which are older but have no leaks or issues and come with lifetime warranty.
DIFFERENTIALS:Both factory differentials are stock with 4.10 gear ratio, open carriers and zero leaks. All the gear oil is fresh.
INTERIOR:The interior is super clean and mostly original. Original bench seat has a new cover. The original fabric underneath is not all blown out but has the typical tears on the driver side. The AC blows ice cold and has been professionally converted to modern 134A freon. The heat blows hot. All the instruments on the SR5 gauge cluster work as designed, featuring oil pressure, temperature, voltage, fuel level, tachometer and speedometer with odometer.The factory door card interior panels are in great shape considering the age. The carpet is new. A dash carpet has been added. The original dash on the driver side under the carpet is pristine because they're a super hard plastic that doesn't crack. On the passenger side there's softer vinyl that has 4 normal heat cracks but is definitely not all blown out like most this age. There is no stereo system. That's for the new owner to design to taste.
This truck has absolutely no rust, zero, none, except maybe for some typical surface rust on the exhaust components. Truck has never been wrecked or even wheeled off road in any significant way. It has the 6 foot short bed that is not all beat up like most this age. Truck was re-painted within the last year and looks spectacular. Original color was white but you'd only discover that under the hood. Bed has spray on bedliner. The sheet metal is very nice and straight for a 32 year old truck.
INSURANCE:This truck is eligible for historic plates in any State. That also mean it's eligible for Collector Car insurance from outfits like Grundy Worldwide or Haggerty which only costs $12 per month for a $10,000 full coverage policy. That's right, a stated $10k full coverage insurance policy is only $12 per month and, get this, emissions are forever waived. I repeat. Collector Car Insurance means no more emissions and a cheap monthly nut on full coverage insurance.
There's many reasons Toyota trucks are so legendary worldwide. It's no accident that no matter what part of the world you look at whenever you see news footage of a guerrilla fighter soldier with an AK47 in the back of a pickup it's always a Toyota. Just find a counter-example? That's because Toyota truck reliability is 2nd to none. It's what soldiers count on. That's why Toyota is the only import vehicle ever allowed to compete in NASCAR racing. When Taliban or ISIS fighters tackle US Troops they're not running around in Fords, Dodge or GMC. They're not in Nissans, Subaru, Isuzu or Mitsubishi. No, on the contrary, they're always in Toyota trucks and that's part of the reason their resistance is so stubborn.
Unlike American vehicles of this era, every Toyota Hilux came with a fully boxed steel frame. Not only is the frame boxed square, meaning super strong, but also every nut, bolt and fastener is fine machine threaded. That's why a 32 year old truck like this has zero rattles. Virtually every American vehicle has coarse threads throughout and a C-channel frame with only the engine and transmissions having fine machine threads so except for some exceptional rare American vehicles, like Early Ford Broncos and some Jeeps with fully boxed frames, nobody in the USA constructed 4x4's with as much engineering integrity as Toyota.
I wouldn't hesitate to jump in this truck and drive it coast to coast feeling confident it wouldn't need anything but gasoline.
FLAWS & BLEMISHES:Any 32 year old vehicle that hasn't had a frame off restoration is bound to have a few cosmetic & other minor issues. Per the CarFax Auto Check report in the 6 month period between 7 of 95 and 2 of 96 when the mileage was at 111k the mileage was mis-recorded at 211k in Pima, AZ then corrected later in Safford, AZ to 112k where it's been consistent ever since to 129k in 2006. On the lower 6 inches of the center of the windshield there is a scuff from where a wiper blade must've worn down to the metal and scratched the glass. It can be buffed out with glass polish. In addition the windshield has 1 tiny stone chip less than 1/8th of an inch that is not spreading and can easily be eliminated with a $10 chip remover kit or for $25 by a pro. There is no sound system in the dash nor spare tire nor jack & tools. The sound system is for the new owner to design custom. Jack and tools are easily affordable on ebay. I'd still drive cross country without them on these new tires bringing simply a 12v air pump and a tire plug kit with plenty of plugs and glue. I once drove a truck with a big gash in a 37 inch tire out of the Charleaugh Gap 30 miles to home simply because I had lots of plugs and a can of glue plus a 12v air pump. You'll have no legal plates plus sketchy insurance so you should plan on professionally shipping truck. That's my advice as a pro. Ship your new vehicle home. Don't drive it cross country no matter how mechanically sound. Just don't do it.
Clean and clear notarized Arizona title showing 129k miles is ready to go. Receipts documenting most of the important new parts & labor at 140k miles will be in a packet with the title.
INVESTMENT:Because of their exceptional engineering and reliability these Toyota Hilux pickups, especially the 22R standard transmission 4x4 trucks like this, only go up in value every year even while you drive them, providing one of the best investments in the automotive world today, bar none. Fact is there will never be another made like them. They're 1 off legends, as important as American Muscle cars, and are getting exceptionally hard to find in this condition. If not now then soon this truck will be a bargain at twice the price.
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For those new to eBay or nervous about buying a vehicle over the internet, that's understandable, but think about these stubborn facts for a moment. As mentioned from the outset, I've been selling classic early Broncos and vintage Toyotas along with vintage parts on eBay for almost 18 years now. Some 15 years ago I happened to sell a vintage Bronco to an eBay seller who runs a large scale pawn shop in Philadelphia with over 100,000 feedbacks and he taught me this eBay rule of thumb. Every positive feedback is worth about a dollar of trust. That means if you're buying something, say a special vintage carburetor for $300, then ideally the seller will have at least 300 positive feedbacks. This is just an ideal rule of thumb mind you. It's not a rule etched in stone but rather a simple guideline or compass for action. So if there's somebody's selling a $10,000 vehicle with only 32 feedbacks I'd be leery. Doesn't mean it's not legit, it's just that there's not much track record. By contrast if a seller's asking $9k for a vehicle and has more than 12k positive feedbacks like myself, well then you can rest easier for you can ask yourself why would they risk throwing away their whole business model, their decades old hard earned feedback reputation for only $9k? The answer is they wouldn't.
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Item location:Tucson, Arizona, United States
Model:Hilux SR5 4x4 Pickup Regular Cab Short Bed 22R
Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Interior color:Blue & Gray
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear