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1989 Suzuki Sidekick

135,000 MILEAGE

1989 Suzuki Sidekick Description:

For Sale my little Sidekick that Runs Super Strong, has 5 speed manual transmission 4x4. No power steering. No air condition, heater only. Body and interior are not perfect, the paint was spray painted with spray can, the hard top has wire and string holdind it and the outside is not very smooth looks, leaks a little but not too bad, No carpet and the body has a little dent on the rear driver side bumper and a little dent near the gas door, the emblems are missing including the grill emblem. no motor leaks and no transmission leaks and they do run and shift smooth. If you have any questions please ask. runs really strong and does not burn oil or loses coolant. The engine starts with a push bottom as the ignition is turn on. Check engine light on, i don't know what might be, i drive it almost everyday and get the job done, might be a oxigen sensor. This Suki is very reliable despite not been perfect. If you have any questions ask and i can text more pics


Item location:Fort Myers, Florida, United States
Drive type:4WD
Vehicle Title:Clear