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STUDEBAKER TRUCK 1959 C - CAB 1/2 ton 4E 122

63,000 MILEAGE
259 V-8 ENGINE
3 speed with overdrive TRANSMISSION
Gasoline FUEL

1959 Studebaker Deluxe deluxe Description:

Selling my 1959 Studebaker 1/2 ton C-cab pick-up with 3 speed and overdrive. It is 12 volt - comes with good battery. Has electric wiper motor, heater, spare tire and rim. Has 4 radial Cooper tires with only about 20 miles on them - been in my garage all the time I owned it. Usually had a dead car in front of garage so unable to drive it much. Drove it to a few local Studebaker chapter events with no problem. Have not tried the overdrive. Upgraded with Studebaker optional window distributor so you can set points easily with a hex key. Easy to work on dashboard instruments and wiring - no need to lay on floor and try to work up on overhead . Here just open the hood and all wiring and instruments are access in front of you on open panel at convenient height.Hubcaps are newer fancy Stude car - truck hubcaps are incredibly plain. This was last year before they went to Lark based Champ truck with the poor fitting bed. Fires up easy brakes are firm and coolant has water pump lube in it and stop-leak. A fun truck needing some work. No dents but some rust spots on rear fenders largest about size of a lime - see photo. Windshield has crack - non obscuring. Comes with some extra parts : OEM exhaust pipes, carb kit, extra side window (nothing wrong with one on there). Radiator was recored, new brake components. Paint has some bubbling, but no dents, no headliner. Some weepage at a freeze plug before stop-leak added. Engine has spin-on oil filter - much cleaner and easier than old style canister filter. Check back as I add info and additional parts that go with truck. Gary Comes with 550 page original Truck Parts Catalog which has hundreds of illustrations and descriptions about the truck - as an original and not a copy you can actually see what the parts are in detail. Just lowed the start price $1000 (from $6500).


Item location:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
VIN:E 711770
Interior color:same
Engine:259 V-8
Transmission:3 speed with overdrive
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear