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1965 Shelby Cobra Superformance Mk III 6492 Miles Royal Blue

Convertible BODY TYPE
Gas. 460ci V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1965 Shelby Cobra Superformance Mk III Description:

1965 Shelby Cobra - Superformance Mk III The Shelby Cobra is without a doubt one of the most famous sports cars of all time. A shape that is known to even non-car people, the Cobra was successful on the track and notorious for being a powerhouse on the road as well. Built in partnership with AC cars of England and Shelby Automotive in Venice, California, just over 1,000 Cobras were built in period and they have become tremendously sought after collectibles. In light of these cars tremendous desirability, numerous companies have sprung up that build exacting replicas, making these outstanding sports cars available to enthusiasts who don't have millions to spend on a collectible. Out of those companies, Superformance is by far one of the best and has been producing Cobras in both kit and fully assembled form since 1996. This Superformance Cobra is built in the quintessential color scheme of Royal Blue, with a pair of white over the top stripes and a black interior. These Cobra clones from Superformance are so good, it takes a real expert to spot the difference and this car is no exception. Sitting on a set of gray center Halibrand-style knock off wheels with white letter Cooper Cobra Radial T/A tires, the car has the perfect stance. Beautiful black side exhausts and a black finish roll hoop complete the look and make for a truly stunning looking automobile. Just like the original Cobras, the interior of this Superformance is quite spartan but exceptionally accurate in its equipment. A pair of black leather bucket seats with Simpson 4-Point race harnesses are comfortable and keep you planted in the turns. All that sits in front of the driver is a large, wood rimmed 3-spoke steering wheel with a pair of small auxiliary gauges. In the center of the dash is a Smiths tachometer and a reverse sweep speedometer, just like you would find on the original. A fire extinguisher sits between the two seats just in case. As with every Cobra, where things get really exciting is under the hood-in its original form, these flared fender Cobras would be fitted with either a 427ci V8 or 428ci "Police Interceptor" V8. This Superformance packs quite a bit more punch thanks to a 460 ci V8 topped with aluminum heads, a Holley double pumper carburetor and a set of original-look Cobra valve covers and air cleaner. A Tremec 5-speed offers greater flexibility than the classic Cobra's 4-speed, yet it retains the classic "bent" gear shift lever in the cabin. To make this example a bit easier to drive around town, power brakes have been installed. The experience of driving a Shelby Cobra shouldn't be something that is only available to collectors with millions to spend on a car. This Superformance is so well equipped, the experience is the same if not better to driving an original car, but given its reasonable price point, you can use it without worrying nearly so much. If you are looking for the epitome of a visceral, raw driving experience, it absolutely gets no better than a Superformance Cobra. Additional Information Service History Clutch and LOF service Tire Replacement For more information on this 1965 Superformance Cobra or any of our 150+ High-Performance, Exotic, Luxury, and Special Interest Cars always in stock, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants or feel free to drop by our 40,000+ sq ft of Indoor Showrooms in Bellevue, WA - Home of an Exciting Inventory of Luxury, Exotic, High Performance and Collectible Automobiles. With 200+ Always On Site, Nobody Has What We Have!


Item location:Bellevue, Washington, United States
Trim:Superformance Mk III
Interior color:Black
Engine:Gas. 460ci V8
Vehicle Title:--