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2004 CSX 1000 Series AC Cobra (1 of only 13) Extremely Rare Find! (See Video)

Roadster BODY TYPE
427 Side Oiler ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1966 Shelby Cobra Description:

Forced to put car at 1966 due to EBAY not recognizing the low vin#
The car was commissioned In 2004 by Carroll Shelby International, Inc contracted with AC Motor Holdings Ltd.

For Sale CSX 1000 Series AC Cobra $440K

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Some iconic cars live on.

Jaguar produced continuation cars to complete the missing serial number cars for the fabled Lightweight E-Type, XK-SS and the D-Type. Aston Martin followed suit by producing a limited number of DB-4 GTs.

While there have been hundreds of replicas and kit cars based on the legendary 427 Cobra, only 13 cars (known as the 1000 series Shelby AC Cobra) qualify as proper continuations of the famous 427 Cobras from the mid-60s:

In 2004 Carroll Shelby International, Inc contracted with AC Motor Holdings Ltd. to construct 150 cars, at the rate of 50 per year, using the original AC wooden bucks from four decades earlier. The plan was to produce both 289 and 427 cars,

After only 13 427 models were fabricated the manufacturing ceased. CSX 1013 was the last car actually delivered. Perhaps it was the excessive time to fashion the hand rolled aluminum bodies, Shelby’s impatience, or AC’s financial collapse, that brought on the sudden curtailment of the run. The real cause is speculation. But the 13 cars produced have become the stuff of urban legend.

The car featured for sale was ordered by the late Paul Andrews who, at the time, owned a Cobra collection valued at $10M and was himself a licensed Shelby Cobra dealer. CSX 1007 was specially ordered to duplicate his personal Brewster Green “427 Street’ car.

What makes CSX 1007 even more unique is that it is only 2 of the 13 AC bodied cars that were ordered as “427 Street” models. This fact has been verified by Gary Patterson, the CEO of Shelby Automobiles. Whereas the 427 SC cars are famous for their leg cooking side pipes, roll bar, hood scoop, no gas gauge or glove box, huge quick release racing gas cap, and jack holds on all four corners, the “427 Street” was a lesser produced, more user friendly derivative.

The “427 Street” featured front and rear bumpers, smaller gas cap, glovebox, gas gauge, side curtains, soft top, storage cubbies in the door panels and behind the seats, no roll bar or hood scoop, a more finished interior, and exhaust pipes that exit below the rear fenders. They also used Pete Brock designed Sunburst wheels in place of the Halibrands. The beautifully flared fenders and clean body design is, in every sense, automotive art.

Years ago, Dennis Kirkham inspected the car and confirmed that the aluminum body was not formed by Kirkham Motorsports in Provo, Utah.

The car was meticulously completed to original 427 specifications by Mike McCluskey, in Redondo Beach, California from 2007 to 2009. Mike is a renown Cobra restorer and was responsible for maintaining and building Carroll Shelby’s personal vehicles. To enhance originality it was fitted with proper Smith instruments and a genuine, original 427 wooden steering wheel and center cap. Side curtains, a soft top and tonneau cover were made by Robbins Upholstery in Los Angeles, California. The top and the side curtains have never been installed.

The engine is a 427 FE Side Oiler built to duplicate the performance of a 1966 car, with approximately 425 horsepower. Given the 2,600 curb weight, the power to weight ratio is still impressive. From what information is available on the other 13 1000 Series AC Cobras, CSX 1007 may be the only one completed with a period correct iron block engine. The block has a 1966 date code to help facilitate registration. The engine build was the task of Southern Automotive. It has correct chrome valve covers. The Holley carburetor is an ultra-rare “Le Mans” bowl unit like the ones used on the Factory Ford GT-40 race cars.

The Sunburst wheels are a oneoff set. Laboriously milled from a solid block of aluminum in the 1900s, the rears are wider than the fronts (the original Sunbursts were the same width front and rear). The wheels cost a steep $10,000 each ($40,000 for the set) which prevented the owner from producing additional units for sale. Paul Andrews bought a car just to secure the wheels. Recently, the owner ordered a set of 5 new, reproduction Sunburst wheels which will be included in the purchase. Why have another set of Sunburst wheels? They have not been available for over 50 years. Specialty items sometimes are available only for short runs. It’s prudent to snag them while they can be bought. This way the car car will have 5 matching wheels for display purposes. Currently, the spare is an original Sunburst wheel from the 1960s.

Instead of having to deal with the aging or even brittle metallurgy from 1966, CSX 1007 is essentially a brand new car. It has 40 miles on it. Why? It ran great in the valley below, but when brought to nearly 7000 feet altitude it would hardly run. The owner just let it sit in the front of his car collection for 10 years. It is still on the original MSO.

In conclusion, this is an extraordinary opportunity to purchase an essentially showroom fresh “427 Street” AC Cobra as they were offered by Shelby Automobiles in 1966.

It is a rolling, automotive sculpture – the last vestige to a quickly disappearing Analog Age. An in-your-face, ears, nose and smell, Zen experience that defies any sense of subtlety and will stimulate a plethora of vivid, cherished memories.

Life is short. This is the real deal.

The price of admission is $440K.



Item location:Provo, Utah, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:427 Side Oiler
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear