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1974 Saab Sonett, yellow, great condition

1700cc V4 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1974 Saab Sonett Description:

1974 Saab Sonett III yellow great condition

There is no rust inside or out. There was some surface rust on floorboards and in trunk area, very little rust overall and I cleaned and neatly painted the interior floor. The underside was undercoated and there is no visible rust.

The original color of this car was orange and at some point it was painted this yellow as shown in pictures. The paint shines nicely but there are stress cracks in the paint (fiberglass stress). I showed pictures of the worst but I'm certain there are more but not as easily seen. There is some flaking of the paint in the obscured areas like below front windshield, door hinge area, rear pumper area and the black areas could use repainting.

The interior is very original and I made a lot of repair to the ceiling and the side panels in the back saving all the original vinyls. There is some fill-in ore patching that was needed but the end results the interior is very nice. Note, the spotting on the carpet in the back is water after power washing.

The engine runs great, transmission shifts good with no strange noises, the clutch works good. When I bought the car the engine had a bad valve seat and I pulled both heads and had the valve seat repaired and both heads cleaned and checked out. After I installed the heads the compression on all four cylinders was about 130 pounds. and all were the same. The color of this engine has always been blue not black like some you see.

General Condition Overall

Tires are old but no cracking holds air no leaking. Car drives out smooth at any speed, faster you go the faster it wants to go, 70 to 100 no problem with no vibration and steers straight. The exhaust in the back vibrates a bit and I intended to replace the hole system with better sounding resonators. I have a good used exhaust manifold crossover with dual exhaust ports. There are extra parts to go with the Sonett III.

What works: speedometer, tack (reads high), fuel gauge ( little erratic), all exterior lights and turn signals, I believe the dash light work (not sure), horn and wipers work.

What is not working: temp gauge, alternator light stays on but works and the emergency brake ratchet wont hold. The cable for heat not hooked up, the blower works ok. I'm sure there are other options that may or may not work. I spent my time on the mechanics and general appearance.

I have a donor car that can be bought that has no title at a very low price can be negotiated with this sale. Engine is good, transmission is good and it has good clutch but the slave cylinder is froze. This donor was drivable 3 years ago but the interior is missing and no gauges (has seats only).

Please be aware there may be a view flaws that are not shown in these pictures but in now way do they affect the over all beauty of this 45 year old classic.

I've said about all I can say, if you have any questions at all please email through ebay and thanks for viewing my listing.


Item location:Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Interior color:Tan
Engine:1700cc V4
Drive type:FWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear