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Pebble Beach award winner! Mechanical jewelry.

Roadster BODY TYPE
3 Speed w/ Overdrive TRANSMISSION
Gasoline FUEL

1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Description:

This is a big piece of jewelry; it is gorgeous down to the polished hardware. It's actually more than jewelry, you can get behind the wheel and go for a drive. Imagine the reaction you will get! Owning this car will give you an experience you will never forget.
HISTORY: This is one of the last Silver Ghosts built. By 1926 Silver Ghosts cost an astonishing $16,000. The Piccadilly was sportier than most Rolls-Royce motor cars of the late 1920s and was often ordered by fashionable playboys of the era. Around 80 Piccadilly roadsters were built on the Silver Ghost chassis between 1919 and 1926. 1926 was the only year for the left hand drive. This car was delivered to it's original owner Mr WJ Upson with a sedan body. In the 80s it was fitted with this Piccadilly roadster body. In 2009-2010 it was restored to show quality By Rolls experts at Buess Restorations. It was then shown at the extremely prestigious 2016 Pebble Beach concourse D'Elegance.
EXTERIOR: Very sporty Piccadilly roadster with knife edge fenders. The body is pristine. I did not find any kind of imperfection; it is laser straight with no damage. The paint in polished like glass. All 6 wire wheels are restored and have new whitewall tires. The roadster top is meticulously restored and is wearing a rich gray canvas. It has a matching set of side curtain windows. In back is an optional luggage rack. In front is the iconic Rolls Royce grill and Spirit of Ectasy ornament. It has 2 huge nickel plated headlamps and matching cowl lamps.
INTERIOR: Very impressive. There are so many interesting details and it's all meticulously restored. Perfectly fitted glove soft leather upholstery.
ENGINE COMPARTMENT: It is mechanical artwork! Restored like new and decorated with polished brass and copper. It is an inline 6 cylinder 40 hp engine with dual ignitions. Rebuilt by expert Erick Rose, upgraded with light weight forged pistons. I've never heard an engine idle down as low as this one, it's impressive.
TRUNK COMPARTMENT: The rumble seat opens in 2 sections. Inside you will find a rebuilt seat wrapped in glove soft leather without any wrinkles.
UNDERSIDE: The underside is also beautiful to look at. It is rebuilt and detailed to high standards. Polished gloss black metal, brass and copper accents, covered and laced springs: it is impressive. The 3-speed trans has been upgraded with a Gear Vendors overdrive for easier cruising. The big muffler contributes to it's name, it's called a Silver Ghost in reference to being as quiet as a ghost.
CONCLUSION: I have spent some time on the internet comparing the different Picadilly roadsters and I believe we have the best looking one there is. The knife edge fenders, colors and the high level of detail make this one stands out amongst the others. It is a piece of mechanical art that you draws you in more so than just a glance. It is more than that though, it drives! Imagine the experience of getting behind the wheel of this stunning automobile and going down the road! It will be a moment you will never forget. Driving a 57 Chevy or Chevelle in comparison would be like staying at a Holiday Inn vs the penthouse at a Ritz Carlton! Don't miss out on this amazing experience.
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Rumble seat
Dual side mounts
Side curtains
Luggage rack
White walls
Golf bag door
Dual ignition


Model:Silver Ghost
Interior color:Black
Transmission:3 Speed w/ Overdrive
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