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1933 Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental Sports Saloon by H J Mulliner Just Wow!


1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental Sports Saloon by H J Mulliner Description:

The Rolls-Royce Phantom II was the third and last of Rolls-Royce's 40/50 hp models, replacing the New Phantom in 1929. It used an improved version of the Phantom I engine in an all-new chassis. A "Continental" version, with a short wheelbase and stiffer springs, was offered.

The Phantom II used a refinement of the Phantom I's 7.7 L (7,668 cc or 467.9 cu in) pushrod-OHV straight-6 engine with a new crossflow cylinder head. Unlike on previous 40/50 hp models, the engine was bolted directly to the 4-speed manual transmission. Synchromesh was added on gears 3 and 4 in 1932 and on gear 2 in 1935. Power was transmitted to the rear wheels using an open driveshaft, a hypoid bevel final drive, and Hotchkiss drive, replacing the torque tube from a remotely mounted gearbox used on earlier 40/50 hp models The chassis of the Phantom II was completely new. The front axle was mounted on semi-elliptical leaf springs as on earlier 40/50 hp models, but the rear axle was now also mounted on semi-elliptical springs instead of cantilever springs. This, along with the drivetrain changes, allowed the frame to be lower than before, improving the handling. The 4-wheel servo-assisted brakes from the Phantom I were continued, and the Bijur centralized lubrication system from the Springfield-built Phantom I was included on all Phantom II chassis.

The standard wheelbase of the Phantom II was 150 inches. A 144 inches short-wheelbase chassis was also available.

A total of 1,281 Phantom II chassis of all types were built.

Rolls Royce head body designer Ivan Evernden commissioned a one-off short-wheelbase Phantom. Designated 26EX, the car had a tuned engine, five-leaf springs that were stiffer than standard[ and a Barker four-seat lightweight close-coupled saloon body painted with an artificial pearl lacquer made from ground herring scales. The sales department initially showed no interest in 26EX but, when Evernden returned to the office from the 1930 Biarritz Grand Concours d'Elegance, where 26EX had won the Grand Prix d'Honneur, he found that the sales department had already announced the new "Phantom II Continental Saloon", prepared a brochure for it, and costed it.

According to Evernden, neither he, Royce, nor the Rolls-Royce sales department had written specifications for the "Continental" model, although he and Royce had a clear specification in mind. Based on Evernden's writings and examination of company records, historian Ray Gentile determined that the common specifications of the Continental chassis were the short wheelbase and stiffer, five-leaf springs. By this definition, 281 Continental Phantom II's were produced, including 125 left-hand drive versions.

This Stunning example was delivered new to a Mr. Hill who was the owner of an Airline and Transportation company. Originally the car was finished in White over Blue, which were his corporate colors- a factory photo of the car as delivered accompanies the car. The car remained in England until the 60s when it was brought stateside and owned by a Mr. Palmer. Palmer sold the car to a Machine Shop proprietor who disassembled the car and spent 40 years restoring the chassis in a very fastidious manner-even remachining new nuts to exactly replicate those he removed from the car. Upon his passing in the early 2000's the car was acquired by the Seller-a well known Rolls Royce collector and Marque expert and a partner. They embarked on finishing the car including complete restoration of the coachwork, brightwork and interior, completing the car in roughly 2015. Since then the car has been used sparingly; but never shown competitively. The car runs and drives very well, but could use some minor tweaking before embarking on a long trip.

The car is accompanied by extensive documentation, and has a nearly complete tool kit. books, and manuals.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a sporting and attractive Phantom II Continental that is ready for the Show Circuit.


Item location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Model:Phantom II Continental Sports Saloon by H J Mulliner
Interior color:Other
Vehicle Title:Clean