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1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spur FRESHLY PAINTED & SERVICE 26k Miles Cool History!!

25,500 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn Long Wheel Base Description:

You are looking at a 1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spur with the Long Wheel Base. I purchased it a couple years ago from the original owner. She is a nice older lady who lives on 5th Ave. in NY and has a house in Boca Raton. The car primarily lived in Boca most of her life and was rarely used. When I bought her she had 23,500 miles on her and now she has a little under 25,500. In doing a little research online, the original owner's husband was one of the founders of 20th Century Fox and her husband was a super successful businessman in the oil & gas industry. If you end up buying her, I will share more about the original owner, but for now that is all that I am willing to say in a public forum. Some of the service records, storage records and the like are still in the glovebox. The car needed some work when I purchased it. I had the vinyl top taken off and replaced. There were some spots of rust under the vinyl liner (pretty common thing not happen on these). I had the rust removed and fixed, then put a brand new vinyl top on her. During that process, I also had a new headliner installed and new rubber molding. The next step was having it repainted! I used a legendary local auto body and former race car driver, Tony Kinser, to repaint it. Tony has won many awards for his paint jobs and other restoration jobs over the years. I believe he actually still races from time-to-time. He did an amazing job!!! While there, he also worked on the radiator, air conditioning, drained the hydraulic mineral oil braking systems and refilled them, changed the oil, and checked it all over to see if there was anything else we could find that might need fixing. The only thing we could come up with was to have the rear view mirror on the doors refinished. They are not perfect...not bad, just not perfect. I'll take some photos to show you what I mean. Once I had her back, I order some leather cleaning and conditioning supplies from Leatherique. This year, I have cleaned and conditioned the leather twice myself. Personally I do not trust a detail shop with this particular job. I spoke to the folks at Leatherique, and they told me all about how to properly clean the special leather on a Rolls Royce. They told me to rub it into the leather with my hands...so picture me out there for two hours rubbing the lotion into the seats, massaging it with my bare hands LOL....but it works! The seats are soft and supple...just like they said. Oh, dare I forget...I bought new wool floor mats...$1200 for the set! Anyone who gets in the car, you need to tell them to take off their shoes and feel the wool floor mats. I have more pictures that I can send if you are seriously interested. I also have receipts for all of the work mentioned. I have put around $20,000 into this project. I thought I would keep it forever, but sadly I have some other pressing priorities...kids. EBAY WOULD NOT ACCEPT THE VIN - SO I PUT A PHOTO OF IT IN THE LIST OF PICTURES. Cheers & Happy Car Shopping!
PS: Sorry the car is not perfectly detailed in the photos...I need to get the engine detailed and clean a few other areas. Thanks for noticing Clark ;)


Item location:Bloomington, Indiana, United States
Model:Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn
SubModel:Silver Spur Long Wheel Base
Trim:Long Wheel Base
Interior color:Tan
Vehicle Title:Clear