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Porsche 944 Turbo Race Car w/ 6spd

999,999 MILEAGE
6 spd manual TRANSMISSION


1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

This is a turn-key race car. The mileage is unknown as there is neither a speedometer or odometer. The title reads rblt, but car and chassis are very clean. The Prior owner was obsessed with building a competitive PCA, NASA, and SCCA race car. It could probably race Vintage as well, but I have not confirmed. I bought the car as a backup to my SCCA 944 Turbo, and this car is a better built vehicle. As one of my fellow racers described it: "your car is a street car turned into a race car. This is a purpose built racing machine. It's an animal!" Then why am I selling it? In short, it's too much car for me. I am actually slower around the track in this car, as I am a bit terrified of it. The non-power assisted steering is so communicative, it feeds back every twitch, every bump. The turbo comes in a bit hairily at about 4k rpm, it comes in so hard I find myself backing off. The brakes are massive, the side exit exhaust is angry even after I added a trans-am style flat muffler, the trans is positive and direct. Motor is a 2.5L by Lindsey Racing. The trans is a 6 thousand dollar(back in 2008!!!)968 unit from CarQuip with cryogenically treated gears and micro-polished for racing, equipped with a trans cooler. Tires are Hoosier R7335/30/18 rears, 295/35/18 fronts with 9 heat cycles, the number of times I drove the car to figure out if I could handle it. The standalone is a european unit, a PRS, or Pro Race System, wiring harness by Painless. Suspension is coilovers with updated carriers from a 1989, with the updated offsets. Control arms are high end and aftermarket as well. All receipts are included, and they read like an encyclopedia of the best parts you can put on a Porsche 951. The paint is not great, but, well, race car. The builder also documented all of his work in two journals, included. A full write up on the car was done here, you must cut and paste into your browser because eBay blocks the link:http://visionsofpower.com/pdfs/bob_patterson_article_sm.pdf You can see from this article the incredible detail that went into building this car. The guy who build it spent all this time and money building it, had fail after fail, finally got the car right, won a few championships, and stopped driving the car. Prior to buying the car, it had sat for about 5 years. My race mechanic went through and replaced every wear item that would degrade while sitting; all the hoses, fluids, belts, were updated to make it ready to race. We also added a power brake booster from a GT3. The car also has an Accusump system, and a Phormula Knock Sensor, and multiple ECU maps.
In the paperwork, there are dyno graphs showing over 450hp on the high boost tune, about 380 on the lower boost setting. These were achieved on a larger turbo, which the prior owner downsized because he found the lag too dramatic. The new turbo builds boost a bit earlier, is a 53MM unit from Lindsey Racing, and feels like it makes closer to 330/380. To run GT2/ST legally, you would need to downsize to a 50MM turbo, but it is fine for ITE. I think the turbo needs a rebuild after sitting for 5 years, I suspect there is some corrosion on the unit that keeps it from winding as quickly as I think it should. Perhaps driving the car more would remedy this.
For an extra 12,000 above the price above, I have a absolutely extraordinary motor available for sale. I bought a separate monster crate motor, still new in crate, from a guy who spent close to 20k assembling a 600hp capable (with the correctly sized turbo, not included) 3L built by Lindsey Racing as well, using a brand new 2.7 head, all forged internals, dry sump lubrication system, available as mentioned, for 12k separately. This would make the 2480LB car a true contender in ITE if you are man enough to handle it. I, for one, am not. Changing to this motor would make you ineligible for GT2/ST, however. I am not an expert on the GCR SCCA rules, so please verify the class you would like to run and the vehicles eligibility on your own. You can call me, Zach, at 603-498-1484, or you can talk to my mechanic, Maurizio, who has spent more time under the car than I have, at 781-444-8450. The Vin above was the original vin that came with the car, but I think when the original owner retitled the car, New Mexico gave him the VIN of R20491VA, which eBay doesn't recognize. I assume it's because it was a rebuilt title at that point. Anyway, the New Mexico title comes with the car, as I never bothered retitling because there is no way I'd use this on the street even though the prior owner installed blinkers and headlights for use in road rallies.
I'll just say, from experience, there is nothing more expensive than buying a cheap race car. You can find a 951 race car for 17k all day long, and then spend what you paid getting the car to work right. This car is the real deal, and its a great value considering the time and effort that has gone into building this fine machine. This is my wife's eBay account, so please disregard the random handbags and other women's items for sale. My last vehicle for sale on eBay, a 1966 gto convertible, is with it's happy owner in CA.
I also have an open car hauler that I can let go of inexpensively if you need to get the car home but don't have a trailer, it came with another race car I own and I don't need it. Call me for details.


Item location:Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States
Transmission:6 spd manual
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed