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1968 Porsche 911 Polo Red Highly Original Example

Gasoline FUEL

1968 Porsche 911 Description:

I am pleased to offer this 1968 Porsche 911.
Chassis: 11835099
Engine: 3280698, Type 901/14
Gearbox: 3280976, Type 902/1
This is a very well preserved 1968 Porsche 911 which has been owned by the current owner, the 4th owner, for some time. With the exception of a repaint, this 911 appears to be completely original and a survivor.
This 911 has spent much of its early life in and around the Midwest. In the early 90’s, the third owner (names have been kept private at the seller’s request) purchased the car and enjoyed it for spirited driving on fair weather days. The fourth owner and current owner also used the car on various driving events and enjoyed it as it was intended to be used. Long winding country roads, cruise nights, and a lot of winding down at the end of a work day.
Today, this 911 has 43,000 miles, which is believed to be original, based on the condition of the parts of the car and the fact it was part of a static collection for many years. Irish Green (Paint code 6806) is the original color, however this 911 was repainted by either the third or fourth owner approximately 25 years ago. The Polo Red paint, (Code 6802) is the current paint color on the car.
This 911 has been very well cared for and driven very little over the course of its life, as evidenced by its comparatively low mileage. Since being in the care of the present owner, this 911 has been very well cared for and driven on a regular basis. Interestingly, this is one of the few 911’s to come with dealer installed factory headrests. These very rare OEM parts, along with the Irish Green color make this Porsche a very unusual and interesting 911. Further speaking to the originality of the car, the hood emblem and rear deckled lettering are also original, parts which are not easy to find. Likewise, the outstanding originality of the interior is worth noting and will be touched on more, shortly.
This 911 has been well maintained and preserved throughout its life. Though certainly more of a driver’s quality, rather than show car right now, this Porsche would benefit greatly from a proper paint job and detailing. However, with matching numbers and all original components, this 911 has a very solid foundation. It is the perfect candidate for restoration, or can simply be enjoyed as a solid and accident free survivor car that can be driven every day. Most important on a Porsche of this vintage, the chassis is rust free (with minimal normal surface corrosion present) with much of its factory undercoating still present. Nonetheless, it is in nice condition today for touring and general use.
Beyond the paint, the body and exterior aesthetics of this 911 are very nice. The badges and lettering are clear, all body panels line up properly, and the chrome and glasswork are in excellent shape. The bumpers and their inserts are correct and original. Likewise, all lighting components are clear, clean, and function properly, and include the very desirable spot lamps and factory Hella fog lamps. The outer appearance of the 911 also benefits from the installation of European front and tail lights.
The interior is overall a very well preserved and original example. The attractive black leatherette seats with black carpet and dash are tasteful and without any cracks or abrasion. The dash, door panels and headliner are in overall very good condition. The seats are without rips or stains and remain soft and supple. All of the factory original seatbelts are also accounted for, front and rear. Nearly all interior components work as they should, including all instrumentation.
The 2.0L air-cooled flat 6-cylinder engine made 130hp for the 1968 model year, and this particular 911 has no problem enjoying every bit of it. In typical Porsche fashion, the power delivery is smooth and effortless, while the transmission shifts and operates as it should. The overall mechanical condition of this 911 is very good.
A Porsche Production Certificate has been secured. Contact me to get copies.
For the first seventeen years of its life, Porsche built just one road car, and that was the 356. You could choose different body styles, colors and a few engines, but the 356 was it. By the early 1960s, the car was becoming rather antiquated and the pushrod four was at the end of its development life. The complicated blind alley that was the 356 Carrera 2 four-cam two liter four cylinder was no answer for mass-production.
Under the internal type number 901, Porsche developed a completely new GT car that was evolutionary of the 356 but with better visibility, more shoulder room and an overhead cam 2.0 liter flat six-cylinder motor with about 40 more horsepower than a 356 Super. Early 911s had much of the vintage charm of a 356, including chrome trim inside and out. They also rusted with the same alacrity as the 356 and were more tail-happy because of the increased power and skinny 165-15 tires. This tendency reached its apex with the 911S introduced in 1966. With 160hp and a tiny tire contact patch, the early S could be a handful. It went away in the US for the 1968 model year only to return in 1969 with mechanical fuel injection.
Initially offered only as a coupe, the Targa joined the 911 lineup in 1967 with either a glass or soft folding rear window and a rigid Targa bar. The 912 was built alongside the 911 until 1969. It was essentially a 911 with a slightly detuned 356SC four-cylinder pushrod motor, and actually outsold the 911 by quite a bit for the first few years. Any Porsche 911 and especially an early production example is expensive to restore. It’s best to consider sound, complete cars only.
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Item location:Villa Park, Illinois, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:--
Vehicle Title:Clean