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1992 Classic Air-cool Turbo Convertible

Convertible BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1992 Porsche 911 Convertible Description:

Hi, everyone. Thanks for viewing my auction.

I’m hereby posting my classic turbo-convertible Porsche, one of kinds and of most rear cars in the street, for sale. Among all 6 Porsches (3 of 911 Turbo, regular 911 and Speedster), I’ve owned, this is the best classic and powerful Porsche. It is a head-turner to many people because very rear for its appearance and sound. Porshe is known by 3 things in the past – appearance, sound, and power. Until 1989, Porsche was the fastest car in the world. This Porsche still generates about 430 HP of rear wheel when turbo kicks in with its 3.3 bullet-proof turbo engine and K27 turbo.

For transmission, this car has 6 speed short-stick and very smooth to shift gears as if Honda Accord’s. The power of turbo-kick is volcanic while handling gears is effortless. Usually the classic air-cool turbo performs their best in a cold air. G-50 transmission is more heavier side for maneuver. This Porsche handles very well as a street-friendly car when driving conservatively, yet behaviors like a roaring beast when driving vigorously, when you adopt characteristics of this air-cool turbo Porsche.

I own this Porshe for 14 years. Originally this was owned by my friend, but was vandalized, returned to home without power-trains. He converted to a convertible with 3.3 turbo engine, the best turbo engine and to 6 speed transmission. This engine used is still sold around $40,000 in Ebay market today. For last 14 years while I drove the car, the car was in excellent shape and performance.

I always maintained this car by Porsche specialist regularly. I installed new manual transmission about 5 years ago, and installed new convertible top in last year that is still under 3-year warranty. The car runs excellently and appears distinctively.

Usually Porsche can cause much mechanical troubles according to my experience of air-cool Porsche as well as other Porsche owners. This may be actually common for all European car owners too. But this one was surprisingly dependable, easy and low-cost of maintenance than other Porsches or European cars. I found maintenance and repair of this Porsche are surprisingly capable for most mechanics, because this Porsche model is less computerized than the post 1994 models with heavy computerization. Also most parts are easily available everywhere including Ebay. In a few years, this car will become officially classic-car category and be appreciated so much. But for me is a time of transition for my next stage of plan and is to simply.

To help your understanding, this Porsche will give you the experience of: 1) unique appearance, 2) unique sound, 3) powerful kick, 4) direct/raw-feeling of driving, 5) safety-feeling because full metallic-body, 6) dependability, and 7) antique but timeless presence.

Please let me know for any further questions. To buy an used car can be uneasy process, especially for high-end cars. I traveled and flew many times to NY, Florida, and to other places in order to buy car I desired while holding many sleepless nights. LOL Yet rest assured. This is one of the best Porsches that kept me to appreciate it to this long. I wouldn’t let this go unless I’m no need of Porsche. This one unique, fast, and dependable. I recommend to every Porsche enthusiasts. Thanks again for your time to check my posting. All the best,


Item location:Claremont, California, United States
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed