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3.3 Liter Turbocharged ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1986 Porsche 930 CA. 2 OWNER TURBO - EXCEPTIONAL ORIGNAL Description:

1986 Porsche Carrera 911 Turbo ("930")

Factory Porsche Produced 1986 3.3 Liter 930 Turbo

2 Long Time California Owners - Delivered New to Nearby California Porsche Dealer & Remained in CA. Since New!

Documented by Porsche Production Spec Sheet (COA)

Finished in Factory Grand Prix White / Black Electric Sport Seats, Factory Color Keyed Fuchs, Electric Sunroof


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SUMMARY - 1986 911 TURBO COUPE (930)

Start Up Video - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alXZOFxa7zk

Drive Video YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX8y-aQD7TQ

This two-owner, lifelong California car represents one of the finest, most original and exceptional 930 Turbos available in the market today.

Documentation of the cars life in Northern California includes the business card and factory brochure from the delivering Porsche dealer, Performance Cars Ltd., Santa Cruz, CA. The car has a history of being in Northern California its entire life with the first owner having possession of the car from 1986-2002. The current owner acquired the 930 on January 1, 2003 and has had the car as part of his personal collection for over 16 years

The cars mileage is chronologically documented on the CarFax report when in 1992 it had accumulated 22,984 under the first owners care. The most recent mileage of 47,686 is dated 9/5/18 and represents an engine out major service including replacement of the clutch. The low mileage is due largely to the car being properly stored for over 10 years when it received a major service at 47,668 miles, completed on 9/3/19.

As documented by the Porsche Production Specifications records the car was produced for USA consumption and fitted with California emissions equipment that remains in place. Other factory options are shown below

Today the 47,694 miles currently showing further supports the remarkable history documentation and exceptional condition of this fine 930.


This 1986 Porsche Turbo Coupe was completed by the Porsche factory on July 8, 1986 and manufactured for California delivery. The Porsche carries VIN # WP0JB0935GS051410. The following represents data contained on the Spec Sheet:

Model/Year/Type: 1986 911 Turbo Coupe

  • Production Completion Date: 7/8/2986
  • Engine Number/Type: 68G01407 (M930/68)
  • Transmission Number/Type: 77G02140 (G930/36)
  • Exterior Paint Color/Code: Gran Prix White / P5
  • Interior Material Color / Code: Black Partial Leather / LE

Optional Equipment:

  • - California Emissions
  • - Steering Wheel w/ Raised Hub
  • - Blaupunkt Radio "Monterey”
  • - Sport Seats w/ Electric Height Adjustment L & R
  • - Alarm System
  • - Electric Sliding Sunroof
  • - Dunlop Tires

The Porsche engine and transmission numbers have been verified and are original to the 930.


We feel confident saying that this Porsche 930 represents one of the most exceptionally well-preserved, originally configured, low mileage 930 Turbos available today. The original paint is remarkably high gloss throughout, and free from defects that detract from its overall high appearance.

The 930 is free from front "road rash," signs of front or rear previous damage, or reported or recorded accident or other damage. Exterior trim, emblems reflect quality rarely seen, even in low mileage, well-maintained collector vehicles. The glass is all original with proper Siglia markings and the original California emissions sticker on the left rear side window.

The body is laser straight with excellent panel gaps and smoothly operating doors hood and deck lid. Every aspect of the exterior reflects consummate care, exquisite details, and exceptional finishes. Close inspection of the glass rubber trim gaskets black fender join trim bumper trim and trademark rear wing rubber reflect both the precision and factory dedication of the original Porsche assembly Porsche authorized service and owner stewardship.
The unique combination of proper preservation, retention of original components and configuration, limited owners and low miles make this car a world class example of one of the most desirable performance icons of the 1980's.

The interior is in equally excellent original condition showing beautifully preserved finishes lightly used and properly preserved. The factory sport seats are in lovely condition with supple leather and excellent sheen and devoid of the bolster wear seen on more fitted sports seats. The carpets are beautiful with the headliner visors and surrounding trim all exemplary. The dashboard is similarly fine without cracks warping or shine while the gauges and switches are correct and in excellent cosmetic condition showing vivid color bright needles and exceptional detailing. The original radio has been updated with a newer unit. The door panels are in excellent condition as well and the rear seats which appear to have never been used judging by the near new finish to the leather and exceptional seat belts and latches. The condition and integrity of the interior further supports the indicated low mileage and careful ownership.

The engine compartment is unmodified and was freshened up when the engine was recently removed, including replacement of the difficult to access (when the engine is in the car) engine compartment heat pad. The inner engine compartments and parts of the rear suspension were cleaned but the engine was not overly detailed and presents as a beautiful original. Other than authorized services and maintenance as needed the original engine and engine compartment are basically representative of the car when delivered new. The finishes throughout are remarkably preserved appearing undisturbed an increasingly rare find among 930s as they continue to age. The trunk is also pleasingly original with very clean factory carpet and all structural elements beneath the carpets appearing just as they left the factory. The correct spare compressor and tool roll are present with the car once again all in excellent condition. The underside of the car is clean dry and shows no evidence of compromise to the floor or structure. Further supporting the originality of the car the light factory hazing of original white paint still shows on the floor pans consistent with how these cars were originally delivered. The suspension components are clean and dry again confirming the low miles and proper service this Turbo has seen.


The car runs and drives exceptionally well. The engine starts easily settling into a deep but eager Porsche idle. The clutch, replaced within 100 miles, engages smoothly and releases properly. The factory 4-speed gearbox has good synchromesh and linkage action making both up and downshifts easy and smooth far from a given in the typical 930. The engine runs well boosting cleanly throughout the rev range passing emissions properly and showing correct function of the warm up regulator. The steering has the inimitable light and communicative 911 feel and the chassis and suspension are tight and reassuring. The driving experience of this sympathetically kept low mileage car is truly a delight given the modifications one often sees in these 80s super-cars.

This exceptional Porsche 930 Turbo includes recent receipts for an engine out service at a cost of over $5,500.00 utilizing ALL Porsche OEM components that included the following:

- Valve adjustment to Porsche specs.

- New clutch, pressure plate, and all related components

- New spark plugs

- Valve cover and other gaskets / seals

- New oil pressure sending unit

- New air filter, oil filter, fuel filter

- All 3 drive belts

- Fresh Brad Penn oil & filter

- New heater hose

- Replace engine compartment pad

- All other required major service items

- New catalytic converter installed....passed smog with flying colors

The Porsche has a history of passing smog including a recent smog inspection from September, 2019 (with the exception of one fail due to a bad catalytic converter).

Also included with the car are the following:

- An excellent complete set of tools in a very nice pouch -

- Original air compressor factory jack and spare tire

- Owner's manual in the original factory folio case

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an exceptional example of a two-owner low-mileage California 930 with recent comprehensive mechanical attention. For anyone seeking a spectacular performance icon of uncompromising care and consummate attention to detail this is the car that will continue to define the very best of Porsche's flagship offerings for years to come. We encourage stringent in-person inspection to confirm the exceptionally crisp and original presentation which will impress the most discerning collector or enthusiast.


The Porsche was inspected on 8/12/19 by a Porsche specialist with 30+ years of experience with a wide range of Porsche cars including all years of 911's and 356's.

After a comprehensive inspection the owner of the Porsche facility indicated that there are no signs of damage to the cars structure, undercarriage, suspension, inner front trunk, rear engine compartment, rocker panels, inner fender wells, or other areas of the car. He further indicated that the Porsche is a very high level example of a factory 930.

He further stated that the car is 100% free from rust and shows excellent care with no signs of abuse or hard use/driving. The oil cooler lines, sway bar mounts, and numerous other components remain factory original to the Porsche.

Upon inspection it was determined that the car would benefit from a new clutch

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an exceptional example of a two-owner low-mileage California 930 with recent comprehensive mechanical attention. For anyone seeking a spectacular performance icon of uncompromising care and consummate attention to detail this is the car that will continue to define the very best of Porsche's flagship offerings for years to come. We encourage stringent in-person inspection to confirm the exceptionally crisp and original presentation which will impress the most discerning collector or enthusiast.


As one Porsche ad exclaimed... "One ride and you'll understand why most rocket scientists are German.”

How does one describe a drive in the Porsche Turbo 930? Car & Driver may have said it best when they said: "A 930 on the hunt makes ­little commotion. It idles pla­cidly at 600 rpm; the fan whir and valve-train clatter typical of all Porsches of the period. Intake and exhaust roar are both muffled by the turbo, while the above-4000-rpm hissy fit sounds like an atomic street sweeper.”

"The boost kick is more than enough to howl the tires and slide the tail around a corner.”

"Porsche may have run with the 930 before it had perfected walking with the 911, but it helped plot the shortest path to the next three decades of improvements.”



  • TYPE: Flat 6 Cylinder
  • INDUCTION: Turbocharged
  • COOLING: Air/oil-cooled
  • VALVETRAIN: Single overhead camshaft
  • INJECTION: Port injection
  • BORE X STROKE: 82 in/97 mm x 2.93 in/74.4 mm
  • DISPLACEMENT: 24 cu-in/3.299 cc
  • HORSEPOWER: 282 @ 5500 rpm
  • TORQUE: 289 lb-ft. @ 4000 rpm
  • MAX RPM: 7200


  • TYPE: Rear-engined, rear-wheel drive
  • CURB WEIGHT: 2,976 lbs.
  • HEIGHT: 57 in/1,310 mm
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: 72 in/120 mm
  • LENGTH: 94 in/4,291 mm
  • WHEELBASE: 45 in/2,272 mm
  • WIDTH: 88 in/1,775 mm
  • TRACK FRONT: 38 in/1,432 mm
  • TRACK REAR: 09 in/1,501 mm
  • WHEEL SIZE FRONT: 16 x 8
  • WHEEL SIZE REAR: 16 x 9
  • TIRE SIZE FRONT: 225/50VR-16
  • TIRE SIZE REAR245/45VR-16
  • CALIPER FRONT: Fixed 4-piston
  • CALIPER REAR: Fixed 4-piston
  • DISC TYPE FRONT: Ventilated and cross-drilled discs
  • DISC TYPE REAR: Ventilated and cross-drilled discs
  • DISC SIZE FRONT: 97 in/304 mm x 1.26 in/32 mm
  • DISC SIZE REAR: 17 in/309 mm x 1.10 in/28 mm


  • Top speed 157 mph
  • 0-60 mph time 4.6 sec
  • ¼ mile w/ dead start 12.9 seconds / 107 mph
  • Fuel capacity 22.5 US gal, premium unleaded


Theiconic Porsche 911 is a two-door,2+2high performancesports carmade since 1965

byPorscheAGofStuttgart, Germany. It has a rear-mountedsix cylinder boxer engineand all-aroundindependent suspension. It has undergone continuous development, though the basic concept has remained little changed.The engines wereair-cooleduntil 1998.

Porsche's drive to consistently improve their racing program led to many ground-breaking innovations. Thanks to homologation regulations in the racing world, which required a finite number of cars to be produced and sold before the models were allowed into competition, many of those ground breaking innovations were served up to the public through production cars built and sold to meet those requirements. The Porsche 911 Turbo is a perfect example of homologation gone wild.

The original plan for the 911 Turbo was to meet the homologation requirements of 400 units that were to be produced over a period of 24 months, at which point Porsche would cease production. When the homologation rules changed and the car was no longer needed to meet requirements, Porsche decided to soldier on and continue development with a goal to produce a variant of the Model 911 that would top the line of production Porsche models and could directly compete with the luxurious powerhouses being turned out by Ferrari and Lamborghini.

In order to handle the higher power output, the Type 930 was given a suspension revision, larger brakes, larger wheels, wider tires and flared fenders to accommodate the extra beef. A large rear spoiler was added, known familiarly as a "Whale Tail" or a "Tea Tray”, to help create downforce at the rear and push more air through the engine. Lastly, the new superstar of the Porsche line-up received a stronger 4-speed gearbox.

In 1980 the Type 930 was pulled from the US (and Japanese) markets as a result of yet another change in emissions regulations. It remained available on the Canadian and European markets.

Road & Track

"911 Turbos are dream cars for an entire generation of kids ... who grew up looking to find one for their own garage. The cars are highly collectible and very valuable"

Thank you,

Classic Cars Ltd.



VIN: WP0JB0935GS051410
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Black Leather
Engine: 3.3 Liter 6 Cylinder Turbo
Transmission: 4 Speed
Status: Available
Stock: 09-10514
Mileage: 47,694
Features: 47K Original Miles, Very Original 2 Owner California Car with Recent Mechanical Work Including Clutch, Complete Tune & More


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Item location:Pleasanton, California, United States
Color:Gran Prix White
Interior color:Black Leather
Engine:3.3 Liter Turbocharged
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean