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1976 porsche 914 Incredibly nice original

157412 MILEAGE
2dr hard-top convertible BODY TYPE
4 cyl F I all original ENGINE

1976 Porsche 914 top of the line Description:

This is an amazingly well preserved, beautiful 914. It runs excellent. Engine/trans work like new. The car has some miles on it. It has been taken care of very well. Engine was overhauled before I bought it 12 years ago, unfortunately the paperwork is missing. The amazing part comes in the little detail things that you will not find in an even very well restored car. The little black plastic covers over the screw-holes in the upholstery are all there. The windows roll up easily. It is just unbelievable that everything you look at is as it was when it was on the showroom floor. It is a joy to drive and stops as it should. It is a joy to drive and to be seen in. People realize now that this is a really practical classic. It has a large trunk up front and a large trunk in the back and it is comfortable to drive. The tires are very good michelins and are a bit oversized, they look right to me and make the car handle well. It has the custom wheels and the exterior even though not perfect, is miraculously straight. The paint is 95% original,maybe 98% it has a little touch-up that is not perfect at the drivers side door post. It of course is 40 plus years old and has been used. I would not hesitate to get in and drive it across country.


Item location:Encinitas, California, United States
Type:2dr hard-top convertible
Trim:top of the line
Color:white original l 80e
Interior color:Black
Engine:4 cyl F I all original
Vehicle Title:Clean