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1982 Porsche 924 Description:

For sale is a 1982 Porsche 924 which I have been working on for a while. A lot of HP modifications have been done but most of the engine work still remains. All of the parts are there to complete the car but the buyer would be performing the work themselves and and the car would definitely need to be towed. I'm am asking way below the actual value of these parts and want a quick sale. The parts which I have put on the car and which still need to be assembled are not OEM parts they are High Performance parts. When the engine is finished you will have a 2.3 stroker (pistons and crank), the head has already been rebuilt with a stage 3 cam and big valve kit. the only work besides engine assembly will be that the block must be bored out to fit the new pistons. all the parts are there including brand new H beam con rods. I also have Independent throttle bodies, manifold adapter and a stand alone ECU Master, ECU. I had a wiring harness made and had begun making a bulkhead fitting to plug it directly to the firewall. All of the sensors are there as well as a crank position sensor and missing tooth gear. it will be set up as distributorless ignition. I have a distributor block-off that has a coil pack mounted on it.This is the real deal. Other modifications already made include Bursch High flow exhaust and header, Pacesetter muffler. I installed an ATL Fuel cell and surge tank. All fuel lines are new. You can choose to finish it as a returnless or return system with these throttle bodies. I installed brand new GAZ coilovers on the front and GAZ rear struts (all are adjustable ride). There are Ground Control Camber Plates and strut bar. Brand new control arms, bushings, ball joints and tie rods. I put 1.5" wheel spacers and 18"x10.5" wheels with 295 35 r18 Extreme contact wheels. I installed racing seats, NRG removable steering wheel hub and Luisi steering wheel. Rennline racing pedals and aluminum floor mats. For the Body, I have GT Racing GTR front end fenders and grill and the for the rear I have the old style GTR Fender flares. These rear fender flares were made in England and were made from the molds of the original Cannon Group 924 GTR. They cost over $1,000. All the body work still needs to be performed. There are all kinds of odds and ends not mentioned but here is the bonus-You also get all of the original parts taken off such as the original fuel system, complete with practically brand new pumps and accumulator, original wheels and tires, a bonus set of Torun wheels and tires brand new never used, original pistons and con rods, original crank, cam, valves followers. I even have the original seats (bad shape.) all my engine lifting equipment (stand and hoist) it all has to go. I will try to take pictures of everything. Local pickup-you haul it all yourself. There are boxes upon boxes of new and original parts. everything goes. This is priced to sell. The control arms need to be reconnected so it can be pushed and steered out of the garage. I will be willing to help load everything but please understand there is a lot and I can try to box it as much as possible for ease of movement but it will all need to be organized. If there is something you don't see or would like to see please ask and I will add a photo. Make me an offer. If you have the ability to haul all this stuff out of here, you will be sitting on a lot of value for your money. There is at least $12,000 in new parts alone. In the mean time, I will try to organize the parts, box them and take more pictures so it is easier to see what all there really is. But really, it is everything, down to the bolts and gaskets. Even the old injector hole block-outs. Brand new Magnecore wires. Piper cam adjustable cam gear There is even a box of AN fittings with a couple aluminum wrenches, A Fastrack Wheel Alignment Tool set. I need it out of here.Thanks.


Item location:Racine, Wisconsin, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear