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1992 Porsche 968 3.0 liter 234 hp 4 cylinder and 6 Speed manual transmission

116123 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1992 Porsche 968 Description:

This is very hard to find all black 6 speed coupe with decent miles that also has a low price. This car runs and drives excellent (one of my daily drivers right now) and won't need much to make nice again.I am only listing it for sale because I have to many things going on, heading into winter. It is currently what I call "a drive now EASY project" and also cheap to make very nice if you're a mechanic. The 3.0 litre 4 cylinder engine starts immediatly every day and runs smoot, cool and quiet. There are no leaks or wet spots anywhere, on the engine or transmission, but neither are brand new spotless either. The6 speed manual transmission shifts smoothly with no grinding or popping out of gear EVER. The clutch does NOT SLIP but there is a very quiet throwout bearing? chatter that is only noticeable OR HEARD when sitting at idle and it does not get louder EVER, under any conditions. It is not screetchy like other throwout bearings I have heard over the years (I am a mechanic), it is a light chatter and doesn't worry me but, if you are not a mechanic or are not prepared toinstall a new clutch (easy to install I think//)(don't have to remove trans?) that may or may not need to be installed soon, this is probably not the car for you. I have no history on this car at all either. I bought it from a dealer. If you are a picky buyer PLEASE KEEP LOOKING ELSEWHERE. It will also need a new paint job soon to make shiney again. There are no dents or dings to speak of and there is no rust or rot holes but the car has been repainted and it was done very poorly by most peoples standards and it appears the previous owner started to wet sand it in places but it is still all black. There aremultiple run spots in the current paint job.The timing belt looks good but the other balance shaft belt looks old and lt will need replacing soon,there is a minor in and out vibration that I think? is due to the belt but may be an engine mount or something else but I doubt it--i have the belt but haven't had time to replace it so, it will go with the car when sold and the new owner will need to install it.. The interior is about a 8 out of 10. There are a few hardly noticeable cut/crack spots in the dash and the passenger lower seat has some shrinkage in 2, 2-inch spots. The ac is not blowing cold but the power windows and power seats (both sides) do work,in most of the settings, I think, in and the interior lights dash also all or almost all work. 968's and S2 944's are in my opinion the biggest bang for your buck investments you can buy in a Porsche. They are very limited run cars and there were 3 times as many 944 turbo's for starters and a zillion more regular 944's and 924's. The 968 also with its non-turbo engine has almost as much horsepoweras the turbo944 .I think the prices on the 968 are already on the rise (see others for sale at 15k to 40k) but are still underpriced compared to the rest of the Porsche line up of cars. Please ask ALL questions BEFORE buying.It is expensive to list to sell cars here and this is NOT an I will buy it now and MAYBE buy this car after I test drive it auction. There are NO DEPOSIT REFUNDS unless I missed something big and or something were to go wrong with the car while looking at it or before. Thanks for looking. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and payment details but I am available to meet shippers MOST days and evenings to assist them with loading. The car is located in Jacksonville North Carolina.


Item location:Midway Park, North Carolina, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear