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1974 Porsche 911 Coupe - Ice Green Metallic - Nicely Restored - Dozens of Photos

129,201 MILEAGE
6 Cylinder ENGINE

1974 Porsche 911 Description:

1974 Porsche 911 Coupe - Ice Green Metallic - Nicely Restored - Dozens of Photos
This beautiful 1974 Porsche 911 is part of a 60+ car private collection in Austin, Texas.
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I acquired this 911 in 2012 from a fellow collector in Quakertown, PA. If you attended the annual Porsche Swap Meet in Hershey, PA that year, you may have seen (and admired) this car in person. I was at Hershey that year buying parts for one of my other restorations and couldn’t resist this car when I saw it for sale in the Car Coral. It was a great car when I bought it. It’s even better now.
To the best of my knowledge, I’m the fourth owner of this beautiful 911. It was originally sold by Porsche-Audi of Manhattan to its first owner on April 3, 1974. Several years later it was acquired by its second owner in Pennsylvania who kept the car for several decades before putting it in long-term dry storage in the early 1990’s. In 2010, it was discovered by the eventual third owner, who also lived in PA, and who subsequently sold it to me.
The car’s mileage of 129,201 is well-documented with an uninterrupted string of dealer service stamps in the original manual through 1983 and service records dated 12/19/1989 documenting 124,172 miles shortly before the car was put into storage.
Today, the car is a very nice, well-restored example after having been the recipient of more than $25,000 in restoration work between the previous owner and myself. The car wasn't restored to be sold at a profit. It was restored to be part of my personal collection - meant to be driven – and with an emphasis on doing it right (as opposed to doing it cheaply).
I would not hesitate to drive this car across the country tomorrow. Along the way, I'd stop by a few tracks just for fun and I'd do my best to find and enter a local car show (which I would probably win). The car is just that good.
Following is more detailed information.
Mechanicals:The car starts, stops and drives exactly as you would expect from a car of this quality. It pulls hard and revs smoothly. The clutch is strong, the car brakes easily and in a straight line, and it runs cool with excellent oil pressure even in the 100+ degree Texas summer heat. The 915 transmission shifts nicely, with no unwanted noises, and you can easily downshift into first gear while rolling to a stop. The engine and transmission are, of course, numbers matching and original to the car.
Upon being discovered in 2010 after decades in storage, the previous owner, a collector and restorer of multiple vintage Porsches including several show-quality 356 Speedsters, painstakingly went through the car to make sure it was 100% roadworthy. Each system was fully evaluated, serviced and parts replaced as necessary including the brakes, suspension, electrics, ignition system and the transmission. The fuel tank was removed, professionally cleaned and sealed, and the fuel lines, pump and filter were replaced. A new starter and alternator were installed and the valve covers were upgraded to the turbo style covers. New brake rotors and pads were installed and the shocks and struts were replaced with brand new Konis. The engine received a full service and was found to be in excellent running condition with no excess smoking and excellent compression and leakdown.
The car received appropriate upgrades to the 2.7 engine including the installation of a pop-off valve in the airbox and the replacement of the thermal reactors and factory exhaust with brand new, stainless steel heat exchangers.The car rides a set of Contintal ContiTouring Contact tires with less than 1,000 miles of use.
All of this work was completed before I acquired the car and the car had few mechanical needs when it came to me. My mechanical contributions were limited to going through the electrical system to ensure everything functions as intended, and sending the complete set of gauges out to the professionals at Seattle Speedometer for refurbishment and recalibration.
While my mechanical write-up is extensive, there are literally dozens of additional details - both large and small - that really need to be seen in person to appreciate. Again, this car wasn't restored for a planned sale. It was restored as a personal car and meant to be driven and enjoyed.
Today the car is an outstanding example of a desirable, early mid-year car. All it needs is someone to drive and appreciate it.
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Exterior:When the previous owner found the car in storage, he was delighted to find a car that showed no signs of accidents and no significant or structural rust. The car still wore much of its original paint and showed nicely with excellent gaps. Unsurprisingly, the paint was tired after 35 years and the car was treated to a high-quality, glass-out respray in its original color of Ice Green Metallic (paint code 250).
The front valance, a common area of damage after decades of scrapes, needed repair and rather than just bolt on a used part, it was upgraded to the more attractive 1984-89 Carrera valance with the inset fog lamps – a nice upgrade that really helps the car stand out.
As the car was freshly painted when I acquired it, I really only had to address the small details. And I did. Every seal and piece of rubber on the car is brand new and was replaced with genuine Porsche parts. The taillight lenses, front turn signals, rear reflector and parking light lenses are all new. The headlights were upgraded to H4 assemblies and done correctly with a relay kit to handle the additional current. The driver-side mirror was replaced with an NOS unit. The decklid grill was professionally refinished.
Because the front windshield showed some minor road-rash, it was replaced with brand new (and correct) Sigla glass ordered at significant expense from a Porsche parts specialist.
The original Fuchs wheels show nicely with a light polish. The brake calipers have been painted red. I had originally intended to strip these for an oem look but, if I’m being honest, I grew to like them and the small peek of “hot rod” that shows behind the wheels.
If you've ever heard good cars described as "10-footers" and great cars described as "5-footers" then this car is a 2-footer. There are less than 1,000 miles on the fresh paint and it's absolutely beautiful.
While no used car should ever be called "perfect", and I make no such claims here, I am immensely proud of this car and how it presents. I've taken it to several Porsche events since I've completed the restoration and it always draws an appreciative crowd. Always.
Please scroll to the bottom of this page and allow time for the more than 80 high-resolution photos to load in your browser.
Interior:When I bought the car, the interior was completely original with the exception of the front seats which had been reupholstered by the previous owner and the headliner which was also new. Everything else was a question mark. We stripped the interior bare and went to work using only the best materials.
First, we installed some strategic Dynamat to keep things quiet. Then we evaluated the original carpet and were delighted to find it was in excellent condition. If you're familiar with the 74/75 cars, then you know that Porsche used a very unique style of carpet in these cars that can’t be perfectly matched with modern materials so we thoroughly steam cleaned the original carpets and reinstalled them with outstanding results. The carpets are protected by a brand-new set of Porsche-scripted floor mats from Lloyds.
Next, we removed the dash and sent it to a specialist in California for restoration. Every interior panel was cleaned, refinished and/or replaced. On the doors, we installed brand new door pockets covered in German vinyl as is correct for 74/75 cars. Every switch was evaluated and replaced as needed. The sun visors were replaced with new units from a European specialist. Numerous pieces of interior trim were replaced with genuine Porsche parts.
For sound, we sourced a new-old-stock Blaupunkt cassette deck and installed it in the dash. In the doors we installed a set of Morel 2-way speakers chosen both for their excellent fidelity as well as their oem looks. In the rear, the car had been fitted with a set of 70’s era Blaupunkt speakers which were a common, dealer-installed upgrade back in the day. They looked great. But they sounded terrible. Our solution was to modify the original speaker cases to accept new components from Polk Audio resulting in a great classic look with significantly upgraded performance.
I've taken the time to provide multiple close-up photos of the interior from every angle. Please examine them closely and pay attention to the details. Yes, the big things like the seats, and door panels all look excellent. But look even more closely at the small things. The interior details of this car are among the best I've ever seen and will exceed your expectations.
Please scroll to the bottom of this page and allow time for the more than 80 high-resolution photos to load in your browser.
For me, finding the right home for this 911 is as important as getting the best price. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this car in more detail, please feel free to contact me. In-person inspections and test-drives are welcomed and encouraged but please do so before clicking “Buy It Now” or committing to a purchase.
I have a clear and correct Texas title for this vehicle in my possession. Transportation and delivery of this vehicle is the responsibility of the purchaser. I'll happily assist in any way I can. I'll accept payment by wire transfer, cash or certified cashier’s check. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon agreeing to purchase with the balance due within 3 business days.


Item location:Austin, Texas, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:6 Cylinder
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear