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1986 Pontiac Grand Prix - 47,674 Miles - No Rust

Gasoline FUEL

1985 Pontiac Grand Prix LE Description:

Cruising season is here!!! Grand Prix in very good condition. I bought the GP about 15 years ago because I really loved the car and ordered one when new only to have it stolen not once but twice twice the second time it was striped bare. Of the hundreds of thousands of cars Pontiac made in this body style few seem to be around let alone in completely original original condition. This car has just under 48,000 miles. In the years since I bought it I have driven it very few times, mostly around the neighborhood to keep the battery charged and make sure everything is working properly, The air conditioning of course does not work and that is because you can not obtain R-12. I looked into having it changed over and upgraded but the reality is I only ever took the car to car shows and for these I never needed AC.
What's wrong with it? Not much. This is a Kentucky car and and I only drove to a handful of car shows in the summer and once to Kentucky. It has no rust. However the car could use a paint job. It looks OK but it had a lot of dings when I bought it and that is how it is today. The window seals (at the bottom of the window) need to be replaced, they are cracked and if not covered the rain will get in ans rust the doors. I never found replacement parts for the seals which is why I never replaced them. They should be the same as on the Monte Carlo, Cutlass and Regal. I have covered the car since I owned it. The chrome trim around the windows needs to be spruced up. It has what looks like a film over it as it if was given a clear coat or something but I was never able to clean these. They are hardly noticeable but it is there. The vinyl top is dark blue. The carpet is medium blue but I found some floor mats that look the period but they are gray rather than blue and in these photos look bleached out but they are not, they did not come with the car. There were no floor mats with the car when I bought it but there is a maybe one inche in size hole in the carpet on the left drivers side and I have no idea how it could have gotten there is the hole is not where anyone would ever have rested their left foot.
The radio was replaced. It was working but the radio would go out. I replaced the radio with a better one, one that had an equalizer but the radio still did the same thing meaning the radio still works but there must be a loose connection somewhere causing the radio to cut out from time to time. The end result is that the car now has two clocks, an analog one in the dash and a digital one in the radio.
The drivers side door inside strap is broken so I have opened the window to close the door to avoid any other damage. This is because of poor manufacture. The handle was made with some sort of blow molded foam over the attaching bolt and it simply dried out and I have no idea how to fix it.
The car is a pleasure to drive, it is super comfortable and with with out the massive "A" pillers of modern cars the view is unobstructed. It is my favorite car to drive, ever. I am only selling it because I have other cars and mostly because I have no room for it so I it is time to let it go to a new onwner.


Item location:Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States
Model:Grand Prix
Interior color:Blue
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear