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Gasoline FUEL

1964 Pontiac GTO -- Description:

Here it is, the car that started a movement. Arguably the world's first muscle car, the 1964 Pontiac GTO is on the Mt. Rushmore of classics and desired by men and women of all ages. With a numbers matching 389 V8, factory air conditioning, and 96,527 actual miles on the clock, this GOAT is a very rare find. GRRRRR! In all seriousness, this 1964 GTO hardtop is the real deal. This one has been repainted in...Grenadier Red for a fresher look (it was originally Singapore Gold), and the workmanship is very good, just as you'd hope with a high-quality car like this. Of course, the paint does have some age and carries a few scratches here and there, so a cut/buff/clay bar/wax would go a long way to restoring a little glossy glory. The original sheetmetal is straight, with nice gaps, and the coupe sure looks like a million bucks driving down the road. Shiny bumpers and bright stainless trim suggest careful lifelong ownership, and the beautifully complex taillights make watching this GOAT leave very enjoyable. And while the GTO was still technically an option package on the Tempest, all the correct GTO badges are where they should be and look great. The GTO package included bucket seats as standard equipment, with those in this red coupe appear to be NOS and only show minor signs of use. A center console is a natural fit as well, complete with the slender shifter for the 2-speed PowerGlide underneath. Aside from the auxiliary gauges, the instruments are all correct and fitted into four sporty-looking nacelles, and GTO fans will note that this is an original factory air car, with eyeball vents in the dash. An aftermarket teak wood 3-spoke steering wheel warms up the all-black interior, and the push-button AM radio still sits neatly in the dash. Stylish and simple, the vision of the Pontiac design team remains intact throughout the cabin. The trunk carries an original mat, jack and tire iron, and full-sized spare, and is just as you'd find it in 1964 if you had to fix a flat. The only engine available in the 1964 GTO was Pontiac's punchy 389 cubic inch V8. This car features its original, numbers-matching engine, and is topped with the standard 4-barrel carburetor. It starts quickly and easily, idles smoothly, and goes about its business with a minimum of fuss, thoroughly dispelling the rumors that these old high-performance engines were cranky or difficult to maintain on the street. It's highly original under the hood, with remnants of Pontiac Turquoise paint on the block, correct chrome valve covers, and a correct air cleaner that comes with the sale (because Pontiac engineers knew guys would be showing this one off and would discard any aftermarket air cleaner if a lady was in the vicinity). Power steering and power brakes make this a nice piece of luxury muscle and a pleasure to drive, especially with the 3.08 gears out back. The chassis is very solid, but mostly original and not detailed, and it wears stock steel wheels with hubcaps and 215/70/14 BF Goodrich redline radials up front, and 225/70/14 in the rear. A chance to own a piece of history, manifested in a GTO with a numbers-matching engine? Where do I sign up? Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Interior color:Black
Engine:389 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear