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1986 Pontiac Fiero GT Fastback (Second Owner!

Fastback BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1986 Pontiac Fiero GT Description:

1986 Pontiac Fiero GT Fastback.Stock 2.8 V6 (Swap in 2010)Manual 4 speed muncie trans.18" WheelsKeyless FOB EntryNew Interior
This has been my garage queen for 18 years.Over the years I have done a lot of proper work
Note: My pics I don't have the Tail Fin on, but I do have the fin and it's in great condition.
I'm second owner for this lovely Fiero. It was my first Fiero GT Fastback. I've owned about 35 Fireo's since, but this was my lovely keeper. I never planed to sell it so i didn't care about spending money on it. Recent work was black carpet, black leather door panels, black headliner. No ugly salt and pepper in this car. I just recently replaced the center consoleskeleton as well. My next project was going to be a V8 swap, but I just don't have the energy anymore...
Details about the suspension: I know very well there are some bad suspension mods out there. But I have NO cut springs! Geometry and balance is perfect! (This took many years to achieve)I have the Front: Mogg #6556 (197lbs 13" with 1" Rodny Dickman drop ball joint) Rear: AFCO Racing Coilover Springs #22275CR (275lbs 12")The poly bushings are perfect, and do not make any noise. The Front shocks (Monroe sensa Trac) and Rear Struts (KYB) absorb impact and vibration perfectly. For the engine this car currentlyhas, it is perfect!

- Headlights upgraded to Second Gen module.- Interior wire harness has been upgraded for Bat & Oil gaugeset.- Keyless Entry (Pontiac Firebird with FOB)- Custom Black/Dark Grey Interior. (No salt and pepper!)- Custom Suspension: Polly bushings all-around. New ball joints, tie rods,- New custom springs, shocks and struts.- 18" Rims and New (Michelin X-Ice 225/45/R18) Tires- Breaks: Grand Am Vented Rotors and Calipers up Front. (Stock Fiero with parking brake In rear.)- Tail Fin and mounts (I removed the fin because I like it better with out)- New Center ConsoleSkeleton- New Trunk rubber- New Battery- ShortShiftier
California Clean Title, and Smog.Current up to date Registration.
Engine runs great. No idle reving or any other problems.The cooling systems is flawless. The cooling fan relay works as designed (No aftermarket parts.)
I'd like to add: I've been working of Fieros since I was 17 years old. I'm 41 now. I've learned how to do things the right way, and by trial and error the wrongway. I spent my younger years workingas a professionalmechanic. I was OCD withthis car. I can assure you thereis no hacked anything on this car. If i wanted to upgrade something, I would gut the whole car, just to replace a wire harnesswithnot hacks. No sloppywork. Everythingthat was upgraded was done with OEM parts except for the suspension.
When I swappedthe motor I cleaned up the engine bay. I replaced the wire harness to the firewall plug in point. I did a clean install. Replacedhoses and I painted all the heat shieldsin high temp flat black to match the unibody. All and all it looks great.
The exhaustmanifolds were ported and reinforced welded. This made a huge difference in performance.
The mileagemismatch in odometer is because I upgraded from the 80mph to the 120mph spedo and didn't swap the odometer internals back in 2003. I simplydidn't know to do so back then. I was young and this was stupid of me.The actual miles of the chassis is approximately 190,000kThe Bad Parts:
- IncorrectOdometer reading.- No A/C Compressor, removed during the motor swap. (brackets ARE installed)- Cracked windshield, passengerside, not in direct view.- Cracked Rocker panel, not too bad, but you can see it.- Door trim is removed, but I have all the parts including the kit to reinstall.


Item location:Santa Rosa, California, United States
Interior color:Dark Grey & Black
Engine:2.8 V6
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear