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1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 5.7 WS6

52,317 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Description:

Step into a muscle car from a different era. This is a factory hot rod from the 1990s, and it truly is a time capsule in its factory-stock condition.
  • 5.7 (350 c.i.) V8
  • Automatic
  • WS6 Package (factory performance suspension)
  • Comes with Sammy Hagar cassette featuring the smash hit "Trans AM." Yes, I'm serious. It's even cued up on the tape for you.
  • Somewhat rare... Only 3,371 Trans Am's were produced in total in this body style ('91-'92). It is difficult to discern how many of those had the big motor option (5.7 liter) and the WS6 package, but the number is certainly lower.
  • BONE stock, down to the exhaust and head unit. Considering how many of these cars were hacked up with stereos and cheap bolt-ons, an unmolested example seems quite a unicorn
  • Low miles
  • Runs and drives great. No fluid leaks. I drive it on the fast-paced I-95 in Miami on a regular basis with pleasure. Car inspires confidence with its handling and reliability. You could daily drive this car, or use it for weekend fun... either way, it will work when you call on it.
  • A/C blows ice cold (new compressor and fresh charge), power windows, power locks, power mirrors, soft-close latch all work as they should
  • Recently aligned
  • Car is 27 years old and is not a new car, but I currently know of no mechanical problems that need addressing
  • See pictures for car's interior and exterior condition
  • Comes with original Owner's Manual and window sticker

  • Original owner was an elderly man who put 51k miles on the car before falling ill with cancer. The car then sat for years in his garage. One day, someone came to do some work on the man's house and saw the car. He became the 2nd owner. He, too, was an older gentleman and didn't drive the car much, but he did love it. He fell on hard times and needed money for roof repair after Hurricane Irma. I bought the car from this 2nd owner. He even had to sit in the car one last time before he'd let me drive off in it. This car has been loved throughout its life.
  • I ordered a pre-purchase inspection on the car before buying. The mechanic that looked it over stated that if I didn't buy the car, he would. That's all I needed to hear.
  • I put time and money into the car, but I have a problem... I see cool cars and buy them. I enjoy this car, but I just had a 2001 Mercedes S600 V12 follow me home. I need to thin my collection.

  • Power antenna is not currently functioning.
  • A few dents. Most are very minor. The greatest are on driver's side quarter panel and door. These are pictured, and easily repairable with paintless dent removal.
  • The stereo speakers seem weaker on the passenger side than the driver's side. This is a known issue with the factory head unit, as the capacitors for the passenger side get hot and fade over time. This is repairable, or you could slap in a new aftermarket head unit. It works well enough for me, and in the interest of keeping the car stock, I left it alone.
  • Paint is overall in good shape and shines up very nicely, but it is 27 years old. It was hazy when I got it, but a polish REALLY made it pop. Does have various rock chips. The ground effects have some paint chips/road rub, too. Don't want you expecting a flawless car, but it is in good factory shape.
  • The metal lip under the weather stripping under the rear hatch had some rusty patches. I would have never known this, except I changed the soft-close motor and found it. Cut out the bad metal and re-formed the lip with fiberglass and painted. It's all covered with the weather stripping anyway, but now I can say "rust free."
  • The odometer froze from sitting in the garage for several years. This is a common issue with these cars, as the plastic gear inside degrades over time. This has since been fixed and odometer is working, but I cannot guarantee the exact mileage. Follow the mileage reports with the registrations over the years, and see the car's condition, and it presents as a low-mileage car. Odometer currently reads just over 52k and counting.

  • This isn't a new car. Don't expect a new car. It is in my opinion a very nice example of a factory-original 27-year-old car. It is up to you to determine that you agree with my subjective analysis. If you need pictures of something specific or have any questions, please reach out.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to me that YOU ARE SATISFIED when you buy this car. I do not want to deal with selling a used car, and the buyer expecting perfection. Let's make sure that this is the car for you before we complete any transaction. It can be scary buying over eBay... let's do what we must to ensure you will be satisfied if you can't see it in person.
  • If you can see it in person, great! I invite you to inspect the car personally.
  • I am willing to ship the car, but it is all on you to make arrangements. I will work with you as best I can to get it shipped. Cost of shipping is entirely on the buyer.
  • There is no warranty or anything of the sort. Duh. Once you buy the car, it's yours.

  • This is a muscle car from a different era. If you want the baddest of the muscle cars from the late 80s/early 90s, you can't beat a 350 Trans Am... and this is a good one. It hasn't been monkeyed with, and it's ready to go. You will look for a long time before you find one that's as nice an example.


Item location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Trim:Trans Am
Interior color:Gray
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear